Researched insight to prepare you for your next career move

Thanks @djug for featuring us ! Bloomigo is a DATA and DESIGN driven intelligent platform, which helps people to explore and make better career decisions by doing predictive analysis on career paths already taken by relevant people and their experiences. We are serving information to answer three basic questions about any career associated point. - How to get there ? - What happens there ? - What will happen after it ? where a career point could be company, college, university, skills, sector etc. We are heading towards making the “search and discovery” even more “personalised” with time.
Nothing happens when I click "explore" (after typing/selecting "Google"). Is the site working at the moment?
@aaran_mcguire Thanks for you feedback Aaran ! - The page automatically redirects as one enters a search query. Explore is just a cue. We are working on improving that interaction Thanks.