Bloom & Wild

Fresh flowers delivered straight through the letterbox

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A fantastic app and a really unique service that caught my eye recently. The flower quality is excellent, the boxes are well designed (offering good protection) and there's something deeply reassuring about being able to deliver flowers to someone's home knowing that they'll be delivered even if they're not there at the time of delivery. Blooming in London and surely will do so in other locations soon!
We're excited to offer an exclusive £10 discount to any member of the Product Hunt community ordering from Bloom & Wild for the first time. Feel free to use the code PRODUCT when checking out on our iPhone app or website!
@arongelbard Nice work Aron looks great! That review on the home page is the longest review I have ever seen though. You may want to cut that down ;)
@mikelholford we just have - thanks for flagging it - honestly never seen one that long! :)
I've used Bloom & Wild a couple of times, and have been happy both times!
These guys and girls have absolutely nailed it. I've used their service a few times and the experience throughout is first class. Proof that beautiful execution of an age-old idea is well worth the investment.