To bring an answer to the universal and unprecedented challenges of our century, we have created a free and open source 'Google': Bloom
Currently a suite of productivity apps, it'll be tomorrow the only ecosystem you will need to meet your daily needs.
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Hi, I did not expect being hunted, but I'm really honored :) Be aware it's a Beta, so please do not store sensitive data ;) You can learn more about how we plan to make open source software sustainable by reading the master plan:
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⁣"helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks" copied from Evernote⠀ "Take note. It's easy to pull up your content from anywhere." copied from OneNote⠀ "Keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos and more." copied from Google Drive⠀ "Your files in Drive can be reached from any smartphone, tablet or computer. So wherever you go, your files follow." copied from Google Drive⠀ "If something happens to your device, you don't have to worry about losing your files or photos" copied from OneDrive⠀ "you don't need to download any program, all you need is a common browser." copied from BitPort


Open-source focus


Significant portion of their app descriptions are copied from the very apps they're trying to compete against.

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Hi, Thank you for the honest feedback. As being myself primarily a tech person, I don't have much marketing skills so here is why I took some shortcuts for the Beta. Some makers call it outsourcing ;)
Do you think you're going to run into legal trouble by directly calling yourself an open source 'Google', using Google's colors for your logo, and several other things they could claim is an infringement on their trademark?
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@kraftykyle Hi, Thank you for the feedback. If I committed any kind of legal infringement I will happily fix. Currently the logo is as it because my graphic designer friend didn't had much time (exams) and as not being a graphic designer myself, I just followed the material design spec, which is the only extensive open system design I'm aware of :)
Yeah, you need to show people what they're walking into before you ask them to commit. Even if it's just real screen grabs.
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@gregw Thank you for the feedbak. It's a recurring comment, so be assured I will add it to the roadmap!
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Would be great to see the tools before signing up.
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@jamesmudgett Thank you for the feedback. Be sure I will add it to the roadmap! 📅
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