Manage and embed your festival timetable (pre-launch)

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Jonathan Tzou
Jonathan TzouHunter@jtzou · Co-Founder, Rupie // Founder, Optix Data
As a once avid frequenter of festivals, I've always wondered why the web/mobile festival line-up browsing experience was so clunky. Blokks seems to solve this problem elegantly by delivering me the key artist following/discovery information via a slick UX that more easily helps me decide on whom I will be seeing when.
Niek Dekker
Niek DekkerMaker@niek_dekker · Founder & designer @BlokksHQ 🐿
@jtzou Thanks for the kind words Jonathan!
Niek Dekker
Niek DekkerMaker@niek_dekker · Founder & designer @BlokksHQ 🐿
Hello fellow hunters! Niek Dekker here, co-founder of Some quick info about our product: For both a festival and it’s visitors, a timetable is a pretty crucial bit of information. But managing and building that timetable is a difficult, tedious and expensive job. We created Blokks to simplify that process and enable every festival to have a beautiful timetable. Blokks is software as a service giving festivals full control over their timetable and lineup. Adding days, stages and acts to our backend is a breeze and can be done within minutes. Timetables can be easily added to existing websites and mobile apps with our custom embed. Blokks automatically syncs all devices when a timetable gets updated. And since mobile networks often have bad coverage on festivals, our embeds work offline as well. A cool preview of our backend can be seen here: Thanks for the feature! We would love to hear any thoughts or questions! Don’t forget to drop your email at so we can keep you up to date.