Create and run an internal company blog.

BlogIn is beautifully simple internal blog and knowledge sharing platform for teams of all sizes. Most teams use BlogIn to share internal news and knowledge in one, easy searchable place. The internal blog opens a new two-way communication channel and becomes the central information hub and archive of all internal resources.

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BlogIn makes creating and running a company blog very easy. It will facilitate sharing news with your team easier, for having a knowledge database and a company wiki.
Thanks for mention Kevin @kwdinc
@daxhns Hi @daxhns! I like the focus of this product, but what would motivate companies to choose BlogIn over starting a company blog on a free platform like WordPress?
Hi @riaface, great question, we get that a lot :) Main advantage of our internal blogging platform is in convenience, extremely easy setup and generally ease of use. Our product is specifically tailored for internal blogging and knowledge sharing inside a company, so it features all the tools required for running internal blog, nothing more and nothing less. It removes overhead of dealing with servers, databases, hosting and domain fees, maintenance of WordPress installation and its plugins, updating server scripts etc... Our customers can completely forget the technical side of it (we take care of that) and can focus on stuff that matters the most on any blog, the content.
@daxhns Good point! To what extent can companies personalise the style of their blog?
@daxhns Considering the flexibility and scalability that companies get if they use WordPress, (so many modules and integrations for email subscriptions, social, related content, authoring profiles, analytics, content types, custom theming options, and variety of plug ins, and of course huge community support), I am not sure how 'handling servers, installations, maintenance' has enough to encourage companies to use BlogIn. For cost, using WP is free; theme can be in-house or a one-time cost, and a majority of companies own reasonable server space to host another blog. Having said that, it may be a good option for absolute beginners to WP, who need a quick solution to start company blog,
@riaface Yeah, there are customization and personalization options included, like company name, nickname/username, user avatar (optional), etc.. Administrator can also choose dedicated subdomain URL, for example as an entry point for an internal blog. You can even connect your external domain or subdomain on your own site, for example: and use that URL to access the internal blog. We are currently working on expanding customization options including company logo, custom (link) color and an option to choose from a several different themes. However, we are very careful about this, as we have learned that majority of our customers preffer clean and simple, unintrusive layout, which puts emphasys on the content and ease of use.. so we are very careful not to clutter the interface with unnecessary features.
Very smart name & execution.
@brackin Thanks Andrew.
Cool focus, although I definitely echo the sentiment that WP is tough to beat here. We use it for internal blogging. Heck Wordpress runs their entire company on P2. The challenge I'd imagine is getting in front of the non-technical enterprise decision-makers to win out their attention. My empirical sense would be that if/when these decision-makers ask their geeky friends, Wordpress is recommended 80% of the time. I do think a purpose-focused tool like this has potential but the awareness/messaging hurdles seem daunting. Best of luck!!
Hi @dshan Great points, thank you for your feedback. You are right, awerness/messaging will be the biggest challenge. It will be an uphill battle.
Hi. Can I still selectively invite external people to read my posts? Also looking at hosting on a custom subdomain.