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Bloggi is a simple blogging platform for people who want to focus on writing and not on dealing with blogging software.
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Hi! I had the idea for Bloggi while I was planning to build my own blog. I realized that there isn't a solution that's as simple as writing on Medium but that also lets you write on your own domain and customize things. Platforms like Wordpress or Ghost allow you to do that but they're either too complicated or too expensive. Bloggi aims to mix the best of each on a single package. I like to think of it as a mix between Medium, Wordpress/Ghost, iA Writer and Carrd. You can read more details behind the idea here: I've been working on it for the past two months. This is still very early stage and features are quite limited for now—I wanted to launch the simplest version of it and see if there's enough interest before investing more time on it. For later I plan to add customization options (for layout, typography and color schemes) as well HTML and CSS customization for more advanced users. Plus other common blogging features like tags and multiple authors. But you tell me if I should. I hope you like it and please let me know what you think :) UPDATE: If you were experiencing any issues accessing Bloggi please try again now. Due to the number of signups something broke and there was a bit of downtime while I fixed the problem.
@hernansartorio Liked a lot simple and lean design 👏🏻
@hernansartorio wow, I am all in for the customization options. Minimalistic design and limited features are fine, but at least give me an option to thematically brand my blog. I mean logo/header and options to embed some widgets and links to my social media profiles. That's something many "Medium/WordPress alternatives" are missing out, and the only reason I'm leaning towards bying WordPress next month.
@kyrylo somehow I forgot to mention this but yes, an option of adding a logo and a basic accent color is like the very next thing on my list. Check again next week!
Been looking for something like this forever! I just want to write and publish on my own domain. Bloggi is a super simple blogging platform + custom domain. When Hernán delivers on his roadmap it will be even better (custom fonts, colors, etc)! So pumped for this product. Congrats on the launch Hernán! Cheering you on 💯
@haydmills thanks man! That means a lot :) And yes, there's still a lot to do but I'm looking forward to it.
Great work. Looks amazing)
Looks promising. Congrats mate.
Looks great, love the minimalistic UI 🙌