A self service influencer marketplace.

#2 Product of the DayMay 10, 2019
Bloggerwork is a brand new self-service influencer marketplace, with zero monthly fees. It's got: multiple campaign types, unique Bloggerwork scoring, numerous networks, aftercare as standard, zero back and forth and did we mention we're agency friendly!
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Hi there, I'm Jonathan, the founder of Blogger work. I've been working on Blogger work for the past 6-7 months, in this time it's had numerous versions and thousands of tweaks to make it the product it is today. We still have a lot to learn, but it's time to open the doors and let everyone see what we've built. Currently, influencer marketing takes a significant amount of time to get right you have to: check stats, confirm the authenticity and most of all start the never-ending email chains to get the post live. Bloggerwork takes the strain out of this process and get's you posts within minutes. (while being fair on both brand and influencer).
This feels like a fake product. They claim to work with top brands but only have 2 campaigns posted, and neither are for real brands. Weak.
@michael_salafia Hey Michael, thanks for the comment. We're actually just starting out and have a few great brands lined up to join the platform next week. I agree the phrasing could be better and we'll get that changed now. One of the campaigns is for us - yes. We built the product primarily as a tool for us, but it grew into a product that we hoped would help fellow SME's.

A great iteration on the influencer <> brand connection.


* easy of use * price * quality of influencers


* young company * still building out its network of influencers * would like to see more analytics

Phenomenal design. This app looks impeccable. Best of luck on the execution.