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Is there a map view? That way you can see where blog posts are aggregating. Then we could see where different topics have the most representation? For example, you could identify where trending markets are emerging? Like Paris would have a ton of Fashion blogs and San Francisco a ton of tech startup blogs. And my area (DC) would be a ton of people complaining about the government? That might help since it's focus seems to be on location.
@caprihiggins Your words and feedback is really valuable. Yes we do have map view coming in our next release. Try BlogBeats and let us know your feedback
@caprihiggins high5 DC. I just started using Anchor a few weeks ago - been sending out a few dispatches from right here in Glover Park :)
@andym_dc high five back! ✋ I love Glover Park! But I think you may be using Anchor FM? I'm the geolocation video Anchor 😄 Two different Anchors, both play on words. ⚓️
@caprihiggins You're right. Totally referenced the wrong app... Haha, well I just downloaded yours and will try it out soon. And GP is great, I have the trail right out my kitchen window and I'm always seeing deer. Never knew DC could be so country ;)
@andym_dc Awesome, thanks! Let me know what you think! And DC is definitely more country than people think, lots of hidden pockets trickled around the area :)
How you gonna utilize the geo- and time-tagging to benefit your product? Is it like twitter with larger texts?
@kuolldev There are many use case which BlogBeats solve for user. One of the example is when user is travelling from one place to another and user loves to read and wanted to know more about location, what is latest, trending & popular it may be very useful for him. User can also share his experience, memory, something he/she has learned from the location, or something he found very unique and make his own audience in that location he can do. Try once you will love it.
Honestly I was pretty confused by this site - could you break it down for me pls?
@bentossell BlogBeats is Geo & Time tagged blogging platform which allows users to read, create share content of any location. By default is will show users the current city latest, trending popular Beats. User can build his audience. BlogBeats have over 200+ categories to read and create content. Beats are of two types: Blogs & Slideshow. Other types of beats are in testing which will be released in next three months. Have a look
And I'm not sure why you want my phone number. So signing up, only to find out what this even is... Sorry, no...
@raindropcatcher Hey we have kept the phone number to keep more genuine profile and also in future will be bringing payment options for content writers and publishers. Tryonce You will love it and let us know the feedback.
@raindropcatcher You don't need to sign-up to experience it, only if you want to create some content. Do try it out even if you don't create content. Do set the location to 'World' to see all content currently in the platform.
@lokeshbeats Hey, I looked at it again now. Didn't see the Skip button the first time around... Definitely looks promising. Not much going on in Europe yet, though. But you'll get there, I'm sure :)
@raindropcatcher Thanks for checking it out again Yes, hope to reach Europe soon :)