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Hi Hunters, At prismic.io we help developers and designers build digital products with a fast and enjoyable way to manage the content. We build a *modern* CMS where content creation and presentation are totally separated: query a simple API to integrate your content into any design. Some name this approach API-based, decoupled or headless CMS (awful term indeed). Whatever the words for it, we believe this brings flexibility to integrate great designs. Now, none of us have enough time to start from scratch. That’s why we released this Node.js blog sample that you can run in minutes.
@l4mnath Does the API provide any A/B testing features?
@cprins_ @l4mnath Aboslutely! You can create different variations for a document and use the API to test those versions. Here is a fast way to test A/B testing in prismic.io : 1: Follow the quickstart guide https://prismic.io/quickstart 2: Connect a google analytics account in /settings/experiments/ 3: Go to experiments page in the backend, set up a goal and create different variations 4: Add content changes to your variation 5: Go live with your experiment! Don't hesitate to ping us in-app for more support.