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Why 1024 x 512? And is there an option to get the vectors? Asking as many folks in the tech space tend to also run article ads, so the image size is slightly small for a Facebook ad. I'd happily pay more for the larger size or vectors btw as these are awesome.
@jamilvelji Thanks a lot for the comment and for the first purchase :) I have made these images for blog posts, haven't really thought of targeting Ad formats, but it's a nice idea. All images are made in Google Slides by placing basic objects like square, circle, triangle one over the other which are very difficult for others to understand, that's the reason I have not uploaded the vectors. Can I know what are the different size formats that you are looking for so that I can try to export them in those formats
@tahaqadri Specifically Facebook ad size: 1200 x 628 - really the only size I need as it's not super hard to re-size for a blog.
@jamilvelji Got it, I will get back to you once it's done
@jamilvelji Done, please check your email for update
@jamilvelji I agree with Jamil here. My blog has defined image sizes of 2220x1125 and I love the simplicity of these but without the ability to resize them it's just not useful.
Free stock photos are great, however, they fall short on fulfilling the exact requirements of most of the startups. Let's say a startup wants to blog about A/B testing they will not be able to find a relevant image from stock photos. Considering many such similar scenarios, we decided to solve this problem by providing images for specific individual topics of any Startup blog, covering topics such as: Launch, funding, analytics, customer, technology, support, mobile, email, marketing, content, ecommerce etc P.S. I am not a designer, I have made all these images in Google Slides using basic shapes such as square, circle, triangle etc. Hope you guys like it Coupon/Offer-code: Special discount for PH community use ph05 to get a discount of $5
@tahaqadri I wonder if the name will get you in trouble with Gawker's Kinja blog platform that powers all their sites (now owned by Univision of course cause the Gawker sale)
@bgiesing39 Thanks for the comment, just checked their platform its marketed as just one word 'Kinja' where as this is 'Blog Kinja', anyways I will try to change the name to something else
I appreciate that these were created using Google Slides as the tool. I think some refinement would improve the style of the collection as a whole.
@matthewtso Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will try my best to refine them
Can these photos be used for landing page as well – for feature icon?
@stevesun21 These images are size of 1024 x 512, made especially for blog images, I don't think they can be used as feature icons on a landing page. Majority of icons used on landing page are size of 64 x 64 to a maximum of 400 x 400