Blog Compass by Google

Track views, moderate comments, and check visibility.

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 09, 2018

Blog compass is an app that helps bloggers manage their site and find topics to write about. Blog Compass suggests trending topics based on your interests and posting history. You can track site stats, approve comments, and read tips for how to make your blog more successful all in one place. The app is compatible with WordPress and Blogger blogs.

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Ouch, no iOS, no iPad/iPhone. Ouch
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@koalalorenzo are the Apple apps available on Play Store? I don't think so
@valdecarpentrie Apple Music is :) Anyway, it should not matter
No iOS app?
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This is absolute gold for beginners! Automatic suggestions of topics and being able to see Google index status is greatly useful.
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Just waiting on that iOS version now...
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Ah, a blog post idea generator. Always fun to see one of the giants validate a feature you have in your own product. 😜
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