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Blockypage is a set of custom Gutenberg blocks and pre-made layouts that help you build your websites using Gutenberg quickly and easily, this is a million dollar product we are looking for investors, our business plan is ready for the year 2020 ;)
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OUR VISION Our vision is in-line with WordPress vision, we see our final product in 2020 as a complete web design tool for non-developers, our users won’t have to write a single line of code to build the designs they see in their imagination. What makes our product stand out among other strong competitors on the market is using WordPress latest updates and technologies ( mainly the block editor ), more and more users are migrating to the new editor in building their sites, and we expect an explosion in use with the release of the upcoming WordPress projects.
I installed it on my WP and gave it a quick test, and wow! Do you intend on keeping it free?
@footer This will be always available for free! we are planning to launch a premium version that will have more and more features, please consider leaving a 5 stars feedback on WordPress repository, it will be very helpful, Thanks!
Is this a front end UI for Gutenberg? If so, that's fixing a major flaw in the Gutenberg approach (next thing to fix: new blocks for every paragraph)
@scotty_bowler Yes exactly, we have introduced a new mode ( UI ) for Gutenberg makes building responsive web pages a lot easier, we also have 20 highly customizable blocks and 30+ pre-made sections, ready to be used to build pages very quickly
@scotty_bowler I am not sure what you mean by (next thing to fix: new blocks for every paragraph)?
So what is the average size of the page this builder produces (bloat)? What about site speed?
@noureddine_hamaidi the page size depends on the images you use, but the size of the main resources is around 150kb on each page you build, the plugin generates raw html and css so pages load super fast
Great idea! I will try to give this product further testing soon. So far, I can see this product to be a great solution for the terrible Gutenberg. editor I still remember the first time I experienced Gutenberg. For some reason, it is extremely clunky, hard to manage blocks or even add stuff. After all, you know something wrong when soon after Gutenberg's release, there is a new widget appears called "Classic Editor" for Wordpress.