An all-in-one cryptocurrency bot

Blocky is an all-in-one cryptocurrency bot for Slack and Discord. Users can call upon Blocky to check current prices, market cap rankings, upcoming news and events, wiki information, currency conversion rates and even Ethereum wallet balances, including tokens. Try it out!

  • Chris Frantz



    Spammed about it.

    Received a generic spam email from Jordan Piano of "Rank Zero" who is clearly scraping previous upvotes on similar and spamming users to vote for this product. It's not 2010, do better. 🔥

    Chris Frantz has never used this product.
  • Aidan
    AidanGames Student

    Lots of Features and very responsive.


    Not found any yet but will update review if I run into issues.

    Been part of a slack testing the bot, it has very useful features and is much faster and accessible than opening a site and searching for information. It's great for when you wanna bring up some price talk and you can have the information embedded in the chat. Keep the good work coming!

    Aidan has used this product for one month.
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Luke Jordan
Luke JordanMaker@luke_jordan1 · Crypto enthusiast. Sports fan.
Hi Product Hunt! This is Luke from Descryptive; the team behind Blocky. We're describing Blocky as the 'Swiss Army knife' of cryptocurrency bots as it has so many different features! Currently our full list of features works on Slack and the majority work on Discord. We may look to add more platforms in the future if demand is there. I've got a few tips for you if you're looking to try it out: All commands should start with the prompt: /blocky - Type '/blocky bitcoin' or '/blocky btc' to find out information on Bitcoin, and the same formatting works for any other coin in our database (there's over 1,500 of them so far!). This is the most popular type of search command by far due to it showing live price changes. - Type '/blocky help' for the full list of commands - If you're an admin of the group, use '/blocky config' to limit use to certain channels Myself and other members from the team are around and we'd love to answer your questions, or respond to any feedback you may have!
Richard Milner
Richard Milner@richhh · All things crypto
Had this installed in my Slack team for a few weeks now and really enjoying it, I no longer have to refresh Coinmarketcap 10 times an hour! Are there any plans for new features?
Luke Jordan
Luke JordanMaker@luke_jordan1 · Crypto enthusiast. Sports fan.
@richhh Glad you like it! Currently we're looking to expand the number of platforms it works on before adding new features, but we're always willing to listen to explore feature requests and see how quickly/easily we can add them.