Surveys and Polls to find the truth. is a decentralized way to create and collect surveys and polls. All the surveys and polls results are owned by you and only you can see the results. All your data is secure and only you can view it.
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Great to see there is decentralized survey tools out there. Curious if you think it's a suitable structure for surveys with health information?
@dnablockchain Thank you for trying. Absolutely. If you want to collect sensitive information on health which can't be disclosed to anyone or to be kept in private, it definitely helps.
Lovely product and great use of Blockstack.
@dkb868 Thank you Dmitri.
Hello everyone! BlockSurvey came out as an idea during IndiaDAppFest Hackathon held on June 11th and 12th of 2019 under the theme Web 3.0 / Society 3.0. We built the prototype in the first 48 hours and post hackathon we built it further with more features for Can't Be Evil contest in the last two weeks time. We believe surveys/polls/feedback are sensitive in nature and many times it needs to be kept in private. Today, does this by keeping the gained insights out of surveys/polls/feedback with the creator and not anyone else. And it also promotes takers to participate with confidence that their answers are not known to the creators. We strongly believe in protecting people's digital rights and wanted to share our part in building a better web for future. Please let us know if there are any feedback or improvements to be done for the upcoming version here
Simple Usage, Clear and Straightforward.
@sakthi_vel2 Thank you Sakthi.
I have been waiting for this.
@gmuldark Thank you Muldark