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Blocks by Pathwright is ANOTHER new way of creating learning routes from my friends at Pathwright. This team is really in touch with how to get education out there. We'll be using Pathwright on some new initiatives for Really Good Emails and I couldn't be more excited about the ways this team approaches product. It's gonna be so cake. Great work!

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👋 everyone, we’re excited to launch a new way to create beautiful and interactive online course content with Blocks from Pathwright. The internet is the greatest evolution of knowledge sharing in history yet much of our educational content is stuck in the dark ages of the early web: Powerpoint’s, PDFs, basic text documents and videos. Partially because of this, most content in online courses these days is quite passive: read this document, watch this video; answer a few multiple choice questions is about as interactive as a lot of courses get. Any teacher knows that their learners need to be actively engaged with learning content for it to stick however creating this type of learning content is harder than it needs to be. Thats why we created Pathwright Blocks. With Blocks you can design learning content that goes beyond the passive knowledge transfer. Blocks are super easy to create, work on any screen, and can be snapped together to create practically any type of learning content. You can build flashcards, annotated images, assessment & survey questions, video, image and file submissions, galleries, and more along side all your rich text and video content to create learning experiences that are more than just reading a blog post or watching a Youtube video. If you’d like to go beyond passive learning content for your courses, we’d love for you to try Blocks and let us know what you think! Simply signup for a free Pathwright account to get started. ✌️ Mark @ Pathwright P.S. As a developer and teacher myself, I’m particularly excited about the potential for creating more interactive coding courses with blocks. Blocks support Markdown (finally!) and you can embed full code editors seamlessly using tools like CodeSandbox or Codepen to create really nice code courses. For example, SC Codes ( used blocks to launch coding courses for all of South Carolina!
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Nice work, @wmdmark and team. I'm taking on Digital Illiteracy. This could be right up my alley.
@jimcanto That’s awesome!
@wmdmark this is awesome! Starting a new job soon where this may work quite well. Will reach our when I know more.
Hi All. I just checked out your pricing page & I am wondering if a K-12 public school is eligible for the 50% discount? @brad_reardon @robertgonzal_ @chrisrshockley @lydiamsellers @wmdmark @lindsayebullock @thejustinhall @paul_johnson
@ghundermark We evaluate case-by-case, but we often do scholarships for schools! Mind going through our survey so we can connect?

Great idea & I love the simple and clean styling. Good luck with it!


Very good idea


None so far

Pathwright builds good stuff.


Thought through, user centric (both educators and students), well designed


None as of now