A modular smartwatch made of blocks

#3 Product of the DayMarch 07, 2014
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Less than one hour -> Fully funded! Amazing.
Amazing speed by the backers! almost 50% backed within the first 5 minutes!! This will be an interesting one
had i not been so "heads down" with another KickStarter campaign this week, i wouldve hunted this one sooner. full disclosure: i am an angel investor in this venture, and have known the team for almost a year. i met the founders in london. they have been incubated at Imperial College and have assembled a remarkable team of talented designers, engineers and UI brilliance from around the world. they have won a number of innovation awards, and have been partially funded with grants. the approach is really the innovation. as we have all observed, smart watch strategies haven't yet given us a device most people "need" so much as "want." Blocks is - i believe - a novel attempt to correct that by allowing everyone a bespoke device that is neither more than you want nor less than you need.