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Blockpit is an automated tool for crypto tax reports and portfolio monitoring. It provides seamless integration with exchanges and intelligent matching of trades across exchanges. Users can choose between calculation methods for optimized results and generate required tax documents. The tool is available in English and German as a free beta version

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Markus Essig
Benedikt Aichinger
 +5 reviews
  • Benedikt Aichinger
    Benedikt AichingerFounder of swync

    Really easy to use!


    It’s hard to find one... doesn’t support exotic crypto currencies.

    Clear value proposition for all people that realized that paying your tax actually saves our balance in society ;)

    Benedikt Aichinger has used this product for one month.


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Thomas Schranz ⛄️
Thomas Schranz ⛄️Hunter@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Great to see more and more end-user facing cryptocurrency infrastructure being built up.
Mathias Maier
Mathias MaierMaker@mazz · CTO@Blockpit
Hi product hunters, as active crypto traders and miners we encountered a problem: filing taxes on our crypto incomes made was really difficult. We also saw that we're not the only ones struggling with tax laws, governmental regulations and heaps of unreliable information online. More and more governments start taking cryptocurrencies seriously, so these issues won't be off the table soon. This is why we started to build our own tool for crypto tax reporting and portfolio monitoring in 2017. Have a look at its main features below. We would really appreciate your feedback so we can adapt our tool to your needs. To thank you for checking out our tool on Product Hunt an exclusive Airdrop Code worth 50 of our TAX Token awaits you on our website. We'll be hanging out in the comments section all day, looking forward to your questions! Blockpit's main features Portfolio Monitoring - All trades & incomes combined in one dashboard - Real-time monitoring of portfolio development - Complete transaction history as proof of origin for banks Automatic Import - Quick dashboard setup through automatic sync - Widget imports via API keys from the biggest exchanges - Continuous automation of special cases (e.g. airdrops) PDF Report - Accepted & audited calculation - Tax report as PDF download - Can be directly submitted to the tax authorities Your makers Florian, Mathias, and Lukas
Ola Rybacka
Ola Rybacka@pidzuchna · Social media freak, blogger
Good luck! Wish it was available in other languages :)
Mathias Maier
Mathias MaierMaker@mazz · CTO@Blockpit
@pidzuchna Which languages would you need? Blockpit is currently available in German and English :)
Markus Haderer
Markus Haderer@markus_haderer
Where are Blockpit's servers located?
Lukas Krainz
Lukas KrainzMaker@lukaskrainz · CMO, Blockpit
@markus_haderer Our servers are located in various countries in Western Europe, for example Germany, France and Great Britain. Data protection is of utmost importance to us, that's why we are currently looking into Zero Knowledge systems. Once we've implemented that into the tool, we won't have much need to store user data on servers anyways :)
Neil Sekhon
Neil Sekhon@getsekhoned · CEO of Totem
I am a hodler, why should tax be a problem for me?
Mathias Maier
Mathias MaierMaker@mazz · CTO@Blockpit
@getsekhoned If you hold a coin for longer than a certain period, realized gains become tax free in many countries. However, you still need proof of origin if you intend to cash out your crypto holdings at some point. In addition, the tool will offer customized hints that help identify coins you might want to sell and rebuy to realize some losses - even if you're a hodler. You can offset these losses from other types of capital gains.