Blockpit 1.0

Keep track of your crypto portfolio & taxes in one place

Blockpit provides tax calculation and portfolio tracking for cryptocurrencies in one clear dashboard. It's available as a web app and soon, for iOS and Android too. We'll help you minimize your tax liability and save time doing your cryptocurrency taxes! Just upload your data and let us do the rest. Currently, language options are English &German

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Thomas Schranz ⛄️
Founder at 🍄Magic, 🌊Lemmings, 🔥Mithril
Great to see more and more useful crypto SaaS products emerging from the cryptocalypse
Mathias Maier
The Bitcoin bubble might have burst, but the "Crypto Research Report" ( published in January 2019 says that "after a bubble, only a crash can create the basis for new growth". We believe in the potential of cryptocurrency - you too? Then you should read on. Blockpit was made for crypto traders, companies and tax advisors alike. We, the makers, are active traders and miners ourselves. As governments started to take cryptocurrencies more seriously, we encountered a problem: filing taxes on our crypto incomes was really difficult. So we created a platform that lets you calculate taxes, track your portfolio in real-time and monitor profits/losses - on your phone and your computer. Over the course of our product's beta phase, which lasted all throughout 2018, we were able to gather valuable feedback and tweaked Blockpit's features accordingly. Have a look at all the new and improved stuff you can do with our first full version: Portfolio Tracking - All trades & incomes combined in one dashboard - Real-time monitoring of portfolio development - Complete transaction history as proof of origin for banks - Active tranches tab exactly shows your current profits/losses and holding periods Automatic Import - Quick dashboard setup through automatic sync - Imports via API keys from exchanges, ETH wallets and ERC-20 smart contracts - Intelligent Error log - Tax calculation - Optimized calculation - Harvest unrealized losses - Extensive support We would appreciate your feedback, ideas and suggestions so we can adapt our platform to your needs. As a thank you for checking out Blockpit on Product Hunt, a -50% discount code for all our yearly plans awaits you on our website. We are looking forward to your questions! Your makers Florian, Mathias, and Lukas
Tomer Dicturel
great idea - do you require Public and privet kets to get access ?
@tomerdi Yes we do. For the most exchanges we provide API data import. We only take keys with read permissions. For some some other exchanges we provide CSV data import, therefore we do not need any keys.
What have you done to ensure this is legally compliant/reliable?
@michael_kirchmair We are working closely with certified CPAs and tax experts from Big Four auditing firm KPMG to ensure that our calculations are correct. In addition, we are transparent about the accounting methods we use (currently, you can choose between HIFO, FIFO and LIFO). Our tax minimization algorithm for Austria is based on a method specifically allowed by Austrian tax authorities (HIFO). Our main goal is to provide correct tax calculations even for users who might not know anything about tax laws. This means that we have to pay exceptional heed to correct calculations.
Which tax calculation methods does the tool support?
@markus_haderer1 Currently, FIFO (First-In-First-Out), LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) and HIFO (Highest-In-First-Out). For Austria and Germany, we distinguish between capital gains & income tax and we are taking into account the year-long holding period.
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