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Hey everyone, thanks for checkout Blockparty! Voice is still the default way we communicate when we're in groups. When a bunch of people get together, we talk. And we pick up a lot more from people's voices (inflection, tone, sarcasm, etc...). Texting is a great convenience and especially great for asynchronous communication. Blockparty is about real-time synchronous chatting and hopefully will have some good conversations. It's also built around the idea that when you're driving, you can't text, but you can talk to people (it's another option in the car besides listening to music, podcasts, or going down your friend list calling until someone answers). Use code "producthunt" to get in. We're keeping it invite only to try and build a great community (which PH already is!). Thanks!
@billychasen I loved your work with turntable and I'm excited to check this out, great job! Any chance you'll have it for Android soon?
@waiteonryan Thanks Ryan! We're a small team, so we need some traction on iOS (as our testing ground) before we can take the time to build on Android. I hope that's soon :)
@billychasen I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty giddy right now because turntable was one of mine and my brother's favorite past times; so just being able to interact with you is really cool for me! I'm excited to try this app later and hopefully on my Android phone in soon time.
@waiteonryan love hearing that, thanks! lots of great memories from turntable days :)
Nice, @billychasen! You've been busy. πŸ˜€ Eager to play with this and there's some obvious parallels to Where did the idea come for this?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! The parallels to turntable only really started showing themselves after we started building it. It first started as an idea around being able to talk to people that are near you, stuck in traffic. What if you could actually talk to all the other cars on the road?
@billychasen Which use cases did you have in mind for communicating with other cars nearby?
@rajat_rao more social than anything else. like old trucker CB radio
Can't hangouts do this? And essentially every chat app has audio message functionality. I don't get the point.