A simple note taking app with focus on keyboard shortcuts. is a simple note taking application with keyboard shortcuts for all the common tasks. It uses Blockstack and Gaia storage to encrypt and store your data.
Hi Product Hunt! I built this app because I could newer find a note taking app that would do exactly what I wanted. I have been using it myself since the first working prototype. Even though it is early in development I think it has enough features to use it in your daily life but I'm really interested in what you think of it. Features: * Markdown editor * Tags to group your notes * Your data is encrypted and synced across all of your devices * Quick and easy search * You own all of your data * Optimized for mobile devices I really want to make Blocknote as customizable as possible and here is how I plan to achieve that. * Add themes that would allow users to change all of the colors. * Make all the shortcuts rebindable * Add different layouts. Check out "about" and "how to" pages for more in depth information about how the app works.