Ethereum based world domination game πŸ€–

We're excited to launch Blocklord - the world's 1st decetralized planet earth! A new crypto game where you can buy, personlize and trade anywhere on earth using ethereum. 🌍

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Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I’m Davide, one of the makers of Blocklord. We've been working hard and super excited to share it with the Product Hunt community! Blocklord is a new Ethereum-based game where you can buy, personalize and trade any location on the real-world map, leaving your mark forever on the blockchain. You can also buy places of interests and landmarks, reselling them for a higher price or earning rewards when a block is sold next to one of yours. It would be great to hear your hear any and all of your feedback! Any q's just let me know πŸ˜‰ Thanks!
@davide_scalzo I love this game! The sharing buttons don't work, I want to share my block but its got an #undefined url
@iamjdeleon Hi Jeronimo, it's the block in manhattan, correct? did you use the app before public launch? We used to use hashes but we moved to query params to support better sharing. Your url is :)
@davide_scalzo Thank you very much! Yes thats my block :) my first NYC property haha
@iamjdeleon my pleasure :) glad you enjoy it!

You can buy any place on earth and earn dividends from it!

Super cool!

Just bought the white house!


A very innovative way to interact with the Blockchain


Requires Metamask

Thanks Jenko :)We're glad you like it! What did you put on the White House? πŸ˜ƒ

Just had a little play around before work, loved it! I'm intrigued.


Really love this idea!


Needs a chrome extension

Thanks Robert! All blockchain applications need to be used with a blockchain enabled browser, like Brave browser ( or by adding an extension like MetaMask ( to Chrome / Firefox / Opera. However you don't need an extension to browse the 500 blocks published by other internauts :) Do you see yourself just browsing or you are interested in posting yourself?
Looks great; how does it work?
@navin_nair - hey! You can browse the 500+ blocks already owned here: There's some interesting stuff going on already πŸ˜‰ To start buying blocks, you need to have MetaMask Chrome extension installed: Then click on that block you want to buy - add a link, gif and a message and you're good to go!
@navin_nair For game-play there's 3 strategies: You can advertise, share your thoughts / opinions or just make a profit! πŸ€‘ (Most people do the first one!) And in terms of strategy - every block bought is automatically up for sale, meaning you can get bought out at any time. BUT anyone that buys will pay 2x what you paid. So it doubles in value every time. The clincher is, you recieve almost all the profits, but your neighbouring blocks recieve a share too - so it pays to get blocks in populated areas. What dya think?! What places are you eyeing? 😏
Will you be updating the map imagery over time? Seems like a fun project!
@michaelibrooks Hi Michael! Thanks so much :) Yes we had fun making it! It's a crowd-sourced community project so all the imagery is real is generated by people buying blocks. But if you mean the actually background map - we created the toggle on the top left so you can flick between different map skins - you can even get the 3D terrain view going 😎 Is that what mean?
@davide_scalzo I was referring to the background map updating overtime as landscape changes.
@davide_scalzo @michaelibrooks Hi Michael, gotcha! Yes it's all live data provided by CartoDB and other open map providers so yes it's going to change and update visually over time, but also new places names, addresses, the works :)
@davide_scalzo @blocklordapp Thanks for the clarification :-)
@blocklordapp @michaelibrooks no worries :) If I can ask a question, what would you use it for? Advertisement? Fun? πŸ˜ƒ