Turn your Apple charger sideways so it fits in more places

Blockhead snaps on to your existing Apple charger, allowing it to sit flat against the wall. Now it can fit in more places than ever. [UPDATED] Redesigned in 2017 for a perfect fit on the latest Apple USB Type-C charger models.

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Ha! This should be the default, imo.
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@rrhoover This is awesome, except a few years too late. When plugged straight in, I feel like there's a 50/50 chance having a narrow plug works just as well. The real issue is that the Mac laptop adapters are getting really small, the new Macbook one, for example, is just a fraction bigger than the plug that comes with an iPad. I really like this, "duh" moment Blockhead creates though. So obvious in hindsight.
@tylerh @rrhoover the MacBook Pro bricks will probably stay pretty big though, no?
@sholtaway @rrhoover Ya, but I don't think that's the trend. I think they will get smaller and less obtrusive.
😄 useful - would love it in white too
Am I a minority in that i bring the full length cable with me and use the standard (North American) three prong?
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@jeffandersen In SF, once you leave the office there's a 50/50 chance a wall outlet will only be two-pronged, especially if you're working at a friend's. Love this concept.
20 dollars? does apple own this company, or tesla?
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WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LI-I-IFE? - Rihanna when she sees this product.
Hi everyone! It’s lovely to hear your thoughts on Blockhead. It’s an idea I hope will prove useful, even though a tiny thing. Yes, it could have been done as much as 15 years ago when the square power adapter first shipped with the Titanium Powerbook G4. When the idea first arose, there was a mixture of disbelief that it hadn’t been done, and kicking myself for overlooking it for so long. It feels terrific to finally have a chance to share this. I am really looking forward to hearing your take on it. Did we miss anything? Is it helpful? Any feedback gratefully accepted.
@psidentity this is such a great idea! Any plans for foreign (e.g., Aus/UK) plugs in the future?
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@_patmurray I would love to make that happen.
@psidentity awesome... AU option too! (minor design tweak)... let me know where n when to send funds ;)
@psidentity beautiful product. Haven't read through all the comments, but did you try a design where the prongs fold away for travel like the original? I'd love to see that in a future version.
@karanm Thanks! Blockhead prongs are in a fixed position for strength & safety. Allowing them fold as well would be pretty great.