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Ameer Rosic
Ameer Rosic MakerHiring@ameerrosic
Hey! My name is Ameer one of the co-founders of Blockgeeks Would love to answer all questions for fellow Product hunters. Blockgeeks is a Blockchain innovation hub & marketplace where you get access to education, news, jobs and world class talent that helps you and your company grow
Pedram Daraeizadeh
Pedram Daraeizadeh@pedramdara · Product Management and Marketing
@ameerrosic this is a very well needed solution as the world catches up. Congrats again on your progress so far.
Jason Hamilton-Masci
Jason Hamilton-Masci@jason_hamiltonm · Founder and CEO TestLauncher
@ameerrosic Fantastic resource and marketplace. Excited about the future of Blockchain.
Ameer Rosic
Ameer Rosic MakerHiring@ameerrosic
@jason_hamiltonm appreciate the support :)
Sol Orwell
Sol Orwell@sol_orwell · Director, Enthropia Inc
Man - block chain is heating up. Nice to see a way to bring it all together.
Ameer Rosic
Ameer Rosic MakerHiring@ameerrosic
Thanks @sol_orwell appreciate it brother!
Boris Vaisman
Boris Vaisman@vaismania · Chief Happiness @ Soxy
Dream team!