Research, ratings and analysis on upcoming ICO’s

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#3 Product of the DayJune 19, 2017

Research, ratings and analysis on upcoming ICO’s




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Alex Strafalogea@alexstrafalogea · Starter
I did find a typo on your site, it says "hold" while the correct term is "hodl" :)
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
blockchainI.CO provides independent ratings, reviews and analysis on active and future Initial Coin Offerings.
Matt DibbMaker@matt_dibb · Investor and Maker
Hi guys matt here. We founded blockchainI.CO recently after finding very little research specific sources for a segment that is attracting so much investment. We use financial analysts to score each ICO we cover - just as an equities analyst would do. Let me know if any questions !
Joshua Gunning@joshua_gunning · Doing limbo...
@matt_dibb This is very cool! I'd love to chat. I'm considering an ICO for Pinguin but uncertain and have my skeptical side (despite being invested in Ether). Do you have a resource that I could check out that you recommend? What I keep finding isn't all that informative on the process. I'm also not an engineer. I'm a product person trying to navigate this new territory before putting my team down this path. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Matt DibbMaker@matt_dibb · Investor and Maker
Bruno Skvorc@bitfalls ·,,
Huh? This already exists and in a much more practical format:
Ari Lewis@amlewis4 · Investor
@bitfalls there will be a lot of these services coming out. They are sell-side research for token sales. This alone will be billion dollar industry as crypto reaches scale.
abasa@abasa · founder, PRIMO
THANK YOU MATT and Erick for hunting them.
Matt DibbMaker@matt_dibb · Investor and Maker
@abasa 👍🏼