Blockchain Demo

Visual demonstration of blockchain technology


Blockchain Demo is my attempt at demystifying the technology behind cryptocurrencies. It has a living blockchain, a peer-to-peer network, and a user tour.

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  • Mykal
    MykalStudent Engineer

    Takes a very complicated process and symplifies it with top level code examples along with written examples and diagrams


    UX is a little rough. Not being able to click off the tutroial to follow along is frustrating

    Overall. I think this has awesome potential for teaching your everyday developer about how blockchain technology works. (would say everyday person But im not sure if thats too far of a stretch) Good work!

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  • Pros: 

    It is very complex the demo makes it very simple. In 4D that's deep.


    User experience would def add to Continuous Learning as it would hit a triple, e.g., ill/anim&inter.

    Wave blockchain offers advancement to 'Equitable Urban Future;' therefore, I am interested to using it in Lower Roxbury, a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

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  • David Oliver Doswell
    David Oliver Doswellfounder, hello advocate

    Simple interface. Fantastic intro explainer (don't skip!)


    Doesn't show how invalid blocks are created

    Love this. Just tweeted it out. So much confusion in our space for new people. This was simple, smart and elegant.

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  • Volodymyr Spodaryk
    Volodymyr SpodarykCTO / Python Software Engineer

    Really simple demo for beginners.


    Didn't understand how multiple nodes should work (in demo).

    Waiting to advanced versions.

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  • On Site
    On SiteMarketing Evangelist

    Very patient simple presentation. Great for a beginner.


    I want to know many practical business applications.

    Who created blockchain? I pass this info to our son's who are tech executives in software and hardware manufacturing and sales.

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  • Alex Naduiev
    Alex NaduievWeb Developer, GameTree



    Simplify the demo of block calculations. It is realistic. But it uses a lot of CPU

    Very simple and clear demo beginners

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