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Hey guys, I'm Josh Brown, one of the guys behind WALTR for Mac & iBetterCharge. This time, we have something totally different for Mac users. It's called the ‘Blockbuster Kit’ and it solves all movie-watching problems for anyone who's an Apple fan :D We even created a ‘Star Wars themed’ landing page that is at least worth checking out. So here's the story behind it... The idea behind this Blockbuster Kit is to change the way you watch movies by bringing you a single kit that's full of amazing software that crushes barriers between your Mac, iPhone, iPad & Apple TV. For this Black Friday & for the first time ever — we as developers of WALTR gathered together with fellow indie devs behind Beamer 3, Boom 2 & Elmedia Player to bring users the best of experiences in a single Blockbuster Kit. The Blockbuster Kit consists of 4 Mac OS X apps: • Boom 2 – World’s most advanced app for sound boosting. • Beamer 3 – The first and the easiest way to stream any movie to Apple TV. • WALTR – World’s fastest way to get any movie into your iPhone & iPad. • Elmedia Player PRO – One of the best ways to watch movies on your Mac. let me know what you think of this approach to app collections.. or maybe suggest apps that you think would fit more?
"Crushing barriers" sounds right at home in the walled garden :)) As an avid movie buff, I'm so psyched about this, way to go thinking out of the box! (As a Windows PC owner, I'm crying bitter tears..)
@ioanina Hah, thanks for putting some spotlight on my 'copy' skillz ;) But as a Windows PC owner.. I can recommend waiting for our similar 'Windows' kit. Or switch to Mac :D
@joshsoftorino @ioanina Switch to Mac is always an option :)
@joshsoftorino Switching to Mac is definitely on my Xmas wishlist ;))
@quser @joshsoftorino As for the Windows kit, weeell I hope you're kidding :)) I wouldn't recommend that vertical:P windows is pretty much barrier-less by now, that's its biggest selling point and its biggest problem too IMO
@ioanina yeah, you have a point :) Windows really is barrier-less but there are so many issues when it comes to working with iOS devices on PCs.
Awesome love the name of the kit and the icon.. and as an avid movie watcher ( aka binger ) these apps will definitely come in handy! I just have one question.. I'm stuck in the past and don't own Apple TV, can Beamer 3 be used to stream to Chromecast?
@jackplantin Hi Jack! Thanks for the feedback, man. Yeah the new version of Beamer supports Chromecast. I added @eelco (one of the guys behind Beamer) and he can tell you more about it.
Hi everyone! Another maker here. This really is a unique product. It’s just 4 devs with Mac apps that made a new product, which will be a great addition to users who will purchase ‘new TVs, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Macs’ at great prices. btw, need the strong opinion of Mac users like who hunted and tried the apps inside this kit :) @chrismessina , @mutlu82 & @rrhoover what do you guys think?
@quser I'm a huge fan of Boom 2, so folks should either grab it while it's 50% off individually, or as part of this combo.
Hi Guys! I'm Guru from Global Delight team and we have that incredible audio enhancing app - Boom for Mac, Voila screen capture etc. Josh from Softorino got in touch with us and coined the idea of providing an amazing movie watching experience for Apple fans. And we instantly bought his creative thinking and put together this 'Blockbuster Kit' with Beamer 3, WALTR, Elmedia Player PRO & of course Boom 2. Check it out!