Blockai for Twitter

Claim the copyright for your photos using Twitter

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Hey PH’ers! My name is Nathan Lands. I'm the CEO and Co-founder of Blockai, a copyright platform. Excited to be sharing with you all what we've built and to get your feedback! We started Blockai to help artists and photographers claim and protect their copyrights. You put your photos on Blockai to claim your copyright. Then we create a permanent record in the bitcoin blockchain and give you proof. We search the internet to show you all the places your photos are being used. Soon we'll give you ways to deal with infringements as well as make money with your copyrights. Today we launched "Blockai for Twitter", the first integration of many we're building. You just link your twitter account to your Blockai account. Then when you tweet a photo just add the hashtag #blockai to claim your copyright. We'll tweet a link to your copyright claim record. Here's a landing page we created to explain how the integration works: TechCrunch & Fstoppers recently wrote about us: Also, I wrote a blog post with more details about why we're building this: Hope you'll try out Blockai for Twitter! My co-founder Oli Lalonde and me are both here to respond to questions. Looking forward to your feedback. 😘 -Nathan
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@nathan_lands @nathanlands Congrats on the launch! What was the motivation behind building Blockai? I sense a really interesting story here!
@nathan_lands @nathanlands - any plans to assist with US registration, so your users can threaten people with statutory damages?
this feature for auto-uploading and new user on-boarding is ingenious!
@global_licious thanks! We're working on lots of other cool integrations. This is just the first of many. :)
these guys just announced their latest offering, which looks pretty interesting:
This is officially my favorite Product Hunt submission in months. Solves a complicated regulatory problem with tech. Removes friction. Makes people's lives easier. I hope it takes off.
@shortformernie thank you Ernie, that means a lot to us. We're just getting started.. lot more to come. :)
Awesome to see this is finally public. I've always wondered what @nathan_lands excessive hash-tagging was about.
@ryanheybourn well, now you know. ;)