Protect and claim ownership of your digital creations

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Sounds promising and I'm interested but I'm a little skeptical. I'm in the process of making music and I will soon copyright my music. This is cost effective but I wonder how it will hold up in court. I recently went to a conference for songwriters and the presenters couldn't stress copyrighting enough. The price is competitive but as a creator I'm reserved. I think a video would help to explain it better as well.
This looks really amazing. I wonder if this can also be used to protect symbols(such as trademarks) by startups or this only intends to protect artistic/creative works? @nathanlands
This is Amazing! , I wish you guys give the certificate page some type of redesign , to make it look like a digital certificate something cool :) but overall , amazing service to protect your self
Also I've never heard of the blockchain. Could you explain this
@forthecool -- It's a bit complicated but pretty awesome. Basically, the blockchain is a true permanent record of transactions or assets. This record is maintained by reaching a consensus through a globally distributed network. It's pretty new tech, and the applications are endless. This video is a great explanation of it:
This is an interesting notion about content validation, but buried in the FAQ is (correctly) a statement that this doesn't replace copyright registration. The main reason why you bother to register is that it gives you the 'stick' of damages.
@lynnfredricks Is there a way to batch copyright registrations for each image you add to Blockai? Could be a premium/paid feature.
@kaigradert No idea, @binded ain't my pony show, boss. But if you want an awesome object-relational database or reporting system then check my @paradigmasoft