If 280 char Tweets are annoying you. Hide them.

280 character Tweets are long and bloated. A lot of people hate them. If that's you, now you can block those Tweets from your timeline.

Block 280 will automatically collapse any Tweets over 140 characters for you. And if you really feel up for a good read, you can always click to individually reopen them.

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Conor Castle
Hi Folks! A few hours ago I saw a tweet by @levelsio about making something to block 280 char tweets! So I decided to make it! I want to get into the habit of making and shipping projects as often as possible and since a lot of people don't seem to like the new longer tweets, I decided to quickly make this and launch it! It automatically collapses tweets longer than the 140 limit. You can manually click to uncollapse them if you decide to read a particular tweet. Let me know what you think!
Al BoulleyAspiring Children's Book Author

This reminds me of the kid we all grew up with who whined and went home if the other kids didn't let him play their game the way *he* wanted to. Okay you web development geniuses out there: make a browser extension for long tweeters, which automatically blocks anyone nursing on this Block280 pacifier, when their binky gets in the way of a long tweet. Bonus points if you can make it work whether or not a tweet was long. Megabonus point if you can make it work even for users who can't long tweet.

@theconorbrowne – Please know that I mean no ill will towards you. You're just the messenger; I respect your desire and ability to code up a solution that solves a problem… even if I think the people with that problem should simply take a deep breath and count to four.


It does give people a choice…


Blocking tweets longer than 140 characters is petty and immature at best, pathological at worst. You don't want to be any of those, do you?