Do you find request to 'Allow' website notifications annoying? This extension is for you. It will automatically block all requests to allow website notifications requests for you.
No more annoying website notification requests.
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With the growth browsers supporting notifications - almost every other website is trying to leverage it to grab the attention of users. I found it extremely annoying. The setting to switch this off is buried in Chrome settings which I thought was tricky for users to find and disable. Hence, I published this one-click install extension to block all request notifications on the Chrome Store. Finally - No more annoying website notification requests!
Thank you for making this, I was fed up with these notifications and was thinking why google even allows such spam notifications
@tah_chh Yeah, I don't get why browsers don't just automatically block them. They are incredibly annoying.
I'm totally using this - I don't like that nearly every website wants to send me push notifications. I remember being excited about web push notifications (https://amrithyerramilli.github....) - but it has become irritating now.
I always had a hunch that the web push notification was a feature asking to be abused. This extension is a great way to handle these 'new spams'. Good work!
@jaydeep_trivedi glad you liked it :)
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