Block Facebook

Chrome Extension that protects your privacy by blocking FB

Block Facebook is a Chrome Extension that helps you protect your privacy by blocking all URLs associated with Facebook (including Facebook tracking pixels).

The recent Cambridge Analytica controversy adds to the long list of instances where Facebook has misused user data so it's time we do something about it.

Plus, blocking FB is also good for productivity 😛

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Just my 2 cents: why not use uBlock and block even more trackers, anytics, and other shit...
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@inlinecoder your two cents are valuable sir
Good timing with a release :D
Nice timing. Would this block facebook ad tracking so if I visit a page that shows a pair of sneakers for sale, I won't get those pair of sneakers following me for the next 6 months on social media?
hey @matthewboyle25, I am not sure, it'll block all the calls made from your browser to these URLs: that are associated with Facebook. If any of those URLs are linked with Facebook's marketing pixel then yes! You'll disappear from Facebook's radar
Anyone that is concerned about Facebook's most recent debacle does not understand that the users were required to authorize...
@dan_chetrit the users who authorized are not the concern. It's that FB shared data about their 2nd degree connections with the app developers. So for all you know, even though YOU never authorized, your data is part of the Cambridge dataset.
@sarim_haq Have you gotten a chance to try this out? What'd you think of it?
Hey @jakecrump, I actually made it last night :p I was inspired by this Hackernews post from 2016 which was trending yesterday:
@jakecrump Can't figure out how to add myself as a maker