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Hey everyone, I'm Bloc's cofounder and CEO -- happy to answer any questions here!
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@choxi The website says "No more video-tutorials". Wondering how exactly is the curriculum taught? A curated list of online tutorials one is expected to read before diving into a project? I am currently part of the pilot cohort for Udacity's Front End Nano Degree.
@dhawalhshah we found that curated resources created a subpar experience for our students, so we've written our own curriculum from scratch to tailor it for our program. Mentorship is the core feature of our product though, there's no better way to learn dev skills than to work with a master developer. You meet 1:1 with your mentor on a weekly basis over a screenshare to get help with code reviews, pair programming, or troubleshooting areas where you're getting stuck. It's much more high touch compared to Udacity.
@dhawalhshah how are you liking the Front End Nano Degree thus far? Do you feel it's worth it? Considering if I should go for one ( backend and/or iOS).
Definitely an exceptional program and highly recommend anyone looking to get into web development, whether you have an app idea or looking for a career change. My mentor made the difference in where I am at today (Rails Engineer).
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signed up for a course, paired with a mentor, excited to start on Monday... curious if others have heard about it or taken a course?
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@nbt I took the rails course last year. Loved it.
@AddisonHuddy awesome, im pumped! it's been ages btw, man... hope to see you soon!
Check out product hunt! Bringing people back together.
Bloc was absolutely instrumental in getting me where I am today (like @brianllamar, I too am now a Rails engineer). Bloc is what gave me the confidence to build my own web apps. The company and mentors care deeply about the success of their students. My mentor was the man and has since become a good friend with whom occasionally I work with on side projects and study new technologies.
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Bloc is pretty sweet. I've been a mentor since early on, and it's been amazing to see how quickly the product has iterated and how much the team cares about their students. Mentoring is an awesome and rewarding experience; 10/10 would recommend. (Surprised/happy to see it on PH!)
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