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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2020
Blnq Studio is a low-code platform, accessible to all types of users. Not just developers. We are rapidly iterating the platform and adding new features on the daily.
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So it’s like CodePen? Not to sound ignorant, but other than the interface, what are the differences?
Hi @anna_0x that’s a really good question. Perhaps we should highlight our features a bit more prominently...! Blnq Studio has been born out of our frustrations with bootstrapping projects inside large companies. One of the key things we set out to solve when making it was making things more accessible to all types users. Not just developers. Some of the things we’ve done: We’ve baked design systems and frameworks in that will allow you to piece together a high fidelity prototype based on snippet suggestions. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of JavaScript/CSS/HTML to get started. We have built a11y reports into the platform. You can generate lighthouse reports directly from the ui. We allow you to share your creations freely. Or keep them private. There’s an audit trail - History - of changes to your blnqs that gets backed up each time you save. Think of it like a time machine. Don’t want to host in the cloud? Need to keep stuff on premise? We can support that too via containerised solutions for enterprise. Hope this gone some way toward answering your question?
@anna_0x Hey Anna, thanks for the message, Well..., you are correct, it is, however we will be allowing an On-Prem solution soon, so for Financial Institutions and Uni's where posting anything external is a big no-no this is one thing we see Blnq differing. We are also looking at writing common snippets for major design systems (see video , allowing people who have less development knowledge. Within the menu you can also test your Blnqs for performance accessibility etc using Lighthouse. + more things to come soon. We are aiming it mainly at non-developers, product owners, delivery managers, anyone that has an idea but with less of a coding background, pair this with a pre-built design system, add some snippets, and its super fast to build out ideas. Thanks again David
@davidyarham helpful explanations! I think you should highlight those points on your homepage or at least about page as I wouldn't have figured that out by looking at the site 😛
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@anna_0x absolutely. We are going to work on that. Thanks again.
Blnq Studio is a DesignOps ready product created by the blnq company. It is a low-code, device agnostic, browser based solution intended to dramatically increase the efficiency of your prototyping efforts by reducing inefficiencies in the design phase. With collaboration, versioning and auditing tools built in; blnq studio creates visibility and buy in for your product designs. blnq-studio offers support for cloud based solutions and on-premise hosting.
Great work guys - used this at my previous place, super quick prototyping tool. Keep up the good work.
Hi @oakenfull thanks for the awesome review. We’re stoked you’ve enjoyed using Blnq Studio. Keep an eye out for more new features!
Great product, great features.. Love the ability to collaborate and visualise across alternative devices as well and its ability to launch in openfin... Keep up the awesome works guys...
@larry_mcinerney thanks for your kind words! You’ve rightly pointed out one of our core principles: Collaboration! Every Blnq is shareable out of the box with other users, and we are working on making the collaborative experience much richer. The end goal being to make it real-time :)
I love it! An amazing piece of software. It's great for prototyping and communicating changes/ideas. It's also very helpful for novice web designers like myself who want to explore CSS.
Thanks @konstantinos_karadamoglou so glad your liking it! We really wanted to make it as easy as possible to get started. The less daunting and the easier to get started the better the outcome for everyone. We think everyone should be involved in the prototyping phase. Not just designers and developers! Let your product owners change things as often and freely as they like!