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Yesterday I met the founder on Blab of all places. I like that this small community is active already, people looking for co-founders, early adopters, etc.
@v4violetta this looks mega cool - who's the founder?
@nilefrater @v4violetta I am just one of a swell team of four.
Nice. Like the idea. I just wish it does not become a place for people to spam.
Good stuff. Just what I was looking for. Is a Blnkk mobile app in the works?
My first post on that website give me some good comment. I don't know if grant access to everyone is a good thing. Quality vs Quantity : I remember the beginning of @producthunt community. The success has also come from limited access.
@fabs_31 I must admit we might re-evaluate things a weeeee bit after the Product Hunt hit, but so far we like what's going on right now - people are having mutually rewarding connections. Really stoked you had some success so early on. Please do send me any thoughts/feedback!
Yeah, spamming is my worry as well. Maybe they could segment the threads (requests, connections, investment, etc)
@darrenterpstra Spam I'm sure will be an annoyance for us, but we're very happy with how our system has handled things so far and I am confident we can keep it as a non-issue. If you do have ideas for us, come chat on BLNKK - user Steve Leggat. Thanks!