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Andrew Condurache
Andrew Condurache@acondurache · Making, breaking, remaking
With the launch of Kindle Unlimited these types of services might find they are going to struggle a little
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
@acondurache Yeah I was wondering how it would be different from my Kindle app. :)
BjörnMaker@bjoern2000 · Digital Product @FaradayFuture
@NikkiElizDemere for Kindle Unlimited you need to swipe your credit card to check it out. Then you pay $10/month for unlimited reading. Who reads an "unlimited" amount of books a month? On Blloon, you get 1,000 Pages (more than two books!) for free, no strings attached, no credit card required. You can share and review to earn more. Then, you can upgrade for just $6 for 500 pages a month (more than one book, so plenty).
Tanner Christensen
Tanner Christensen@tannerc · Product designer @Lyft.
@bjoern2000 I may be a small sample, but I don't think in terms of "pages" when I read. I'd argue many feel the same. I read about two books a month on average, I couldn't tell you how many pages that is for me. "Unlimited books" is a much better message for people like me, your average reader. The Blloon site is beautiful, it looks like a great app, but why would I pay for something that is trying to change my mind about the value I'm getting? Why not focus on educating customers instead? Saying: "With Kindle you get unlimited books for $10/mo, but how many books do you really read in a month? With us, you'll get an average of 2 books for free right out of the gate!" Just some thoughts for consideration. Great product regardless, would love to see you do well. :)
Engin Kurutepe
Engin Kurutepe@ekurutepe · GM Keepsafe Berlin. Co-organizer UIKonf.
@tannerc you're right about that. it came up in our user testing a couple of times. we need to figure out how to best communicate the benefit to the user.
emelyn@extremelyn · Design @ Bloc
Beautiful landing page — it struck me as reminiscent of IDEO's Future of the Book exploration. Communicating the value of 1,000 free pages is an interesting communication problem. I agree that the value isn't readily apparent — perhaps you can emphasize the value in *not* being rushed to finish an avalanche of books before your card gets charged. Good luck guys! You've got a great service here.
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHiring@kevin · Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
@acondurache @NikkiElizDemere There are quite a few similar apps who are trying to be Netflix for Books. Oyster Epic Kindle Scribd Entitle Booksfree Bookboard