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I have over 2,000 miles ridden on my electric boards and a 15mph top speed is simply too slow. 15mph might be a good speed for people who don't feel comfortable riding a skateboard, but with any experience 15mph feels like walking speed.
@magnuson curious of your 2000 miles of experience on multiple boards, which you recommend for fun city riding/commuting?
@magnuson First of all - 2000 miles is nuts. Where and how do you ride that much? That's an impressive number. 2nd - ride in NYC along side cabs, parked cars with doors opening, people walking out between cars, delivery guys on bikes riding the wrong way, and then let me know if you want to go faster than 15 mph. I might be seeing the worst here, but 15 mph is AOK with me
The entirety of this board is rebranded cheap, unsafe Chinese boards. I went to CES and saw the *same exact* board with no branding in at least three booths on the showfloor.
Seems a bit too good to be true at that price. I can't find any reviews of it online. Likely this is an import of a cheap board from overseas that goes under lots of names.
@joostschuur They sell on Amazon as well and have pretty bad reviews. Would avoid: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=w_b...
@martin_zlocha @joostschuur Looks like there are some mixed reviews, seems like a very new company. You're definitely not going to get the same power as a twin motor boosted, but if you're trying to spend less than $1500 this seems like a decent option. They might be going through some new product launch growing pains https://www.reddit.com/r/Electri...