Blizart Fishtail Electric Skateboard

Skate around (for 17 mi) without pushing!

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Charles Magnuson
@magnuson · Unemployed
I have over 2,000 miles ridden on my electric boards and a 15mph top speed is simply too slow. 15mph might be a good speed for people who don't feel comfortable riding a skateboard, but with any experience 15mph feels like walking speed.
@iplop · Developer
The entirety of this board is rebranded cheap, unsafe Chinese boards. I went to CES and saw the *same exact* board with no branding in at least three booths on the showfloor.
Joost Schuur
@joostschuur · Product manager, Playmob
Seems a bit too good to be true at that price. I can't find any reviews of it online. Likely this is an import of a cheap board from overseas that goes under lots of names.