Blitzen 2.0

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Hey everyone, I'm Jesse, CEO at Blitzen. We're on a mission to help small businesses grow by letting you capture data-rich leads from your website, score & segment contacts and easily route your customer data to your favourite apps. We built this solution partially to solve our own problem, as we found most marketing automation platforms available today to be too expensive and too bloated for what we needed as a small company So, we built a solution that lets you create awesome lead capture forms and voice-of-customer surveys using inline, lightbox and slide-up delivery templates, really easily. Our forms also enrich your leads with social and company data, so you can actually know who your leads are! You can then use this enriched data to score and segment contacts based on factors that are important to you (job title, industry type, # of twitter followers) We also made it really easy to automate your sales & marketing workflows with event-based automations. Blitzen integrates with popular CRMs (Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho), email tools (MailChimp, Constant Contact), and productivity apps (Slack, Asana, Trello) making it simple to integrate your own custom sales and marketing stack. We also support webhooks so all you tech-savvy peeps can post to your own web app! We're passionate about helping small businesses like us up their marketing & sales game, so we'd love to hear your feedback! We're happy to answer any questions and/or tell you more about what our product can do for you. Happy hunting!
Worth trying out!
Impressed by advanced features here (lead scoring, voc survey functionality, & webhooks in particular). CRM + funnel builder.
Thanks @kkdub really happy to hear that you're impressed by the advanced features! Would love to chat with you further and get some more of your thoughts.
Beautiful site. Would this be appropriate for a candidate hiring process? What I mean is, if we wanted to use Blitzen forms in our job postings, would the tools be very useful on the other side for tracking the candidates? Or is it really geared entirely around sales leads?
Thanks @nickbudden! Yes, you could definitely use a Blitzen form for the purpose of hiring. We've actually built a second product that integrates with Blitzen called, which is a great tool for selecting job applications. Let's chat about this over email!
Interesting idea. A bit too expensive. Please refrain from sending me unsolicited tweets.
Thanks for the feedback @tomflemming! We have a Forever Free tier for smaller teams and our entry level paid tier is at least 75% cheaper than those of products like Hubspot. Sorry for the unsolicited twitter shout out! All the best!
@jesse_guild Thank you. Will check! Great!