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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2015
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supports up to 200,000 virtual users from 8 different worldwide locations (up to 50,000 per region) to load test your app or website.
Hopefully there's some sort of auth check to verify you are the owner of the endpoint or web property. Otherwise, could see this being used to artificially inflate someone's AWS or Azure bill :)
@chenbfang Thankfully, this is the case: > "Authorization is required to rush a site as a precaution to prevent accidental DoS'ing of apps that you don't own (and to keep others from DoS'ing your site)." from
I've been using blitz for the past couple years, it's always the 1st tool I grab when load testing something. Super useful & the pricing is great/straight forward. You can get pretty complex with it, combining different requests to create somewhat realistic user scenarios of your app. If you have a bigger budget & want to create very realistic use cases (imagine running 500+ concurrent users checking out in an e-commerce app), then I always go with Which lets you record a browser session & then use it as a template for load testing. Which is the closest you'll get to real world results 😁.
Would love to see more. The subscriptions page is a little messed up. So, I can't see pricing. was shut down. Shame, it was a really nice and simple tool :(