Bliss lets you book flights instantly and pay for them over time.

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mind blowing landing page.
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@steveharrry Thanks so much :-)
@nikkw0ng I agree! Who designed the landing page?
@haroon Actually it was me! haha
👋 Hi everyone, I’m Nikk, founder at Bliss. Bliss is the most affordable way to fly anywhere. I started Bliss out of personal frustration when I had to travel to Asia but couldn't drop ~$1400 at once for a ticket. I didn’t have a credit card and looked around for financing options but surprisingly couldn’t find one for flights. Then I realized this is a big problem, especially for other young people. Bliss helps you (1) find & compare the cheapest flights, (2) pay for said flights over time, and (3) lets you know when cheaper options come up. We’ve tested our platform with a small group of users with great feedback, and we’re now slowly rolling out access to a slightly bigger crowd via invite only. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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@nikkw0ng this is a great idea. just signed up! what are interest rates like?
@rlvl Hey Rudy! More details coming soon :-D
@nikkw0ng When will the beta be over?
This could be very useful for some as many people can't afford a $500+ flight in the event of a family emergency or sudden departure. @nikkw0ng, do you limit this to people with good credit? How do you ensure you get paid in full?
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@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Excited to see you reaching out! The financing company that we're working with will handle the loans and all the associated details. We're a lot more interested in helping people find and book great deals than we are in the minutia of handling the financing ourselves. :-)
@rrhoover @nikkw0ng I'm not sure it's "minutia" considering a lot of your interested customers will likely have less than perfect credit. Your finance company is either going to have: A - Very high interest rates (e.g. 30+%) or B - Very low approval rates (e.g. < 10% of your customers will get approved). In other words, if only a tenth of the people that want your product can get it, the financing aspect isn't minutia. Might want to consider being upfront about that when you start letting people apply.
@rrhoover @nikkw0ng @seekwell_io I agree with Mike here guys...having worked with a similar product focused on the UK market, the approval rates are very low. The conversion rate for selling a flight is low enough already, adding the complexity of a finance/loan application in between just drives down conversion rates even further. As everyone has mentioned though...great launch, and great design!
@seekwell_io @cmen Thank you! We'll do our best!
@nikkw0ng great UI, congrats! Would you be interested to partner with Flystein ( ? For example if your client was not able to obtain the credit and is short by few hundred $ to pay for the flights then maybe Flystein experts could fit that budget.

Been watching this for a while now, excited for the roll out!


Awesome branding, clean UI


Don't see any so far!

Love the art direction! I've definitely needed something like this in the past.
@jack7kim Thank you so much! It means a lot.