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#4 Product of the WeekSeptember 06, 2017

Bliss lets you book flights instantly and pay for them over time.

  • Matej Mitev
    Matej MitevDigital Marketer & Business Developer

    Amazing website and awesome idea


    Not responsive to potential customers, low quality customer service.

    I love the website and the way the information is displayed. The idea is amazing and I can't wait for it to roll out so I can finally start using it.

    Then I signed up for the waiting list and it gives the option to skip the line if you refer your friends. I shared it with everyone, and got quite a lot of people to sign up, but there is no way to actually check your progress in the queue. I then sent an email asking if there is a way to check the progress and got no response. Now a month later, I try to go the website and my browser is flagging it as a potentially dangerous website with an unsecured connection.

    It's a pity because I would love to start using this website immediately.

    Matej Mitev has used this product for one month.
  • Jack Kim
    Jack KimFounder @ Ember Labs

    Awesome branding, clean UI


    Don't see any so far!

    Been watching this for a while now, excited for the roll out!

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Steve Harry
Steve Harry@steveharrry · Growth hacker
mind blowing landing page.
nikk wong
nikk wongMaker@nikk_wong ·
@steveharrry Thanks so much :-)
HaroonHiring@haroon · Founder, Webs, Truebill
@nikkw0ng I agree! Who designed the landing page?
nikk wong
nikk wongMaker@nikk_wong ·
@haroon Actually it was me! haha
nikk wong
nikk wongMaker@nikk_wong ·
👋 Hi everyone, I’m Nikk, founder at Bliss. Bliss is the most affordable way to fly anywhere. I started Bliss out of personal frustration when I had to travel to Asia but couldn't drop ~$1400 at once for a ticket. I didn’t have a credit card and looked around for financing options but surprisingly couldn’t find one for flights. Then I realized this is a big problem, especially for other young people. Bliss helps you (1) find & compare the cheapest flights, (2) pay for said flights over time, and (3) lets you know when cheaper options come up. We’ve tested our platform with a small group of users with great feedback, and we’re now slowly rolling out access to a slightly bigger crowd via invite only. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Rudy Lee
Rudy Lee@rlvl · Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
@nikkw0ng this is a great idea. just signed up! what are interest rates like?
nikk wong
nikk wongMaker@nikk_wong ·
@rlvl Hey Rudy! More details coming soon :-D
Ahmad Awais ⚡
Ahmad Awais ⚡@mrahmadawais · 🥑 OSS Dev Advocate & WordPress Core Dev
@nikkw0ng When will the beta be over?
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This could be very useful for some as many people can't afford a $500+ flight in the event of a family emergency or sudden departure. @nikkw0ng, do you limit this to people with good credit? How do you ensure you get paid in full?
nikk wong
nikk wongMaker@nikk_wong ·
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Excited to see you reaching out! The financing company that we're working with will handle the loans and all the associated details. We're a lot more interested in helping people find and book great deals than we are in the minutia of handling the financing ourselves. :-)
Mike@mike_seekwell ·
@rrhoover @nikkw0ng I'm not sure it's "minutia" considering a lot of your interested customers will likely have less than perfect credit. Your finance company is either going to have: A - Very high interest rates (e.g. 30+%) or B - Very low approval rates (e.g. < 10% of your customers will get approved). In other words, if only a tenth of the people that want your product can get it, the financing aspect isn't minutia. Might want to consider being upfront about that when you start letting people apply.
Christian Menniss
Christian Menniss@cmen · Marketing Technologist And Web Developer
@rrhoover @nikkw0ng @seekwell_io I agree with Mike here guys...having worked with a similar product focused on the UK market, the approval rates are very low. The conversion rate for selling a flight is low enough already, adding the complexity of a finance/loan application in between just drives down conversion rates even further. As everyone has mentioned though...great launch, and great design!
nikk wong
nikk wongMaker@nikk_wong ·
@seekwell_io @cmen Thank you! We'll do our best!
Vladislav Protasov
Vladislav Protasov@flighthack · Co-founder @
@nikkw0ng great UI, congrats! Would you be interested to partner with Flystein ( ? For example if your client was not able to obtain the credit and is short by few hundred $ to pay for the flights then maybe Flystein experts could fit that budget.
Jack Kim
Jack Kim@jack7kim · Founder @ Ember Labs
Love the art direction! I've definitely needed something like this in the past.
nikk wong
nikk wongMaker@nikk_wong ·
@jack7kim Thank you so much! It means a lot.
Nick Neuman
Nick Neuman@nneuman · Product at Casa
This seems like a really cool idea, and I like your design a lot! I can definitely see how this would be useful for me when trying to travel internationally or even just to more expensive cities within the US. Couple of questions for you: 1. What kinds of fees or interest are charged to the customers? From what I can tell this is basically a loan, so I'd assume your users can't be getting it for free :). 2. If this is basically a loan, how are you handling the regulatory aspect of lending? What about the capital aspect? It could get very expensive to finance loans to new users as you grow. I'm definitely signing up for the beta to check it out!
nikk wong
nikk wongMaker@nikk_wong ·
@nneuman Heya Nick thanks for getting in touch—and for the kind words! :-) Yeah, so we're directly working with an independent financing company to provide short-term loans/credit to our users. The risk is taken by the partner and we do not make any money from interest. They have really attractive rates so it ends up actually being a really good deal. The airlines pay us a small commission every time a user books a ticket through Bliss. This commission does not add any additional cost to the customer. Hope to see you on the platform!