A beautiful way to track your ROI on software development

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hi all - I'm the CEO of Bliss. As a non-technical CEO/founder running a software company (and 2 others prior to Bliss), I've long been frustrated & embarrassed with having such limited visibility and input into the code, especially when there's visibility around the rest of the business (eg, marketing, sales). Bliss tracks ROI on software development by translating the code into dollars and cents - a language everyone understands. This allows me to be a better CEO by having impactful and actionable conversations with my developers and providing transparency to our stakeholders. Our goal is that Bliss will provide a way for the business-side and development teams to collaborate around the code and help us non-technical founders keep our businesses on the right path. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions
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Hi peoples of the internet, as of 7am we have 10x the normal signups and we promise to be visible with our PH experience. We have been blogging weekly our metrics and progress since launching about a month ago: see our medium posts - thanks to being hunted we will have a great story this week! We are relentlessly listening to customer feedback - so don't hold back with your thoughts.
Bliss automatically reviews your code in real-time and shows you how much it's worth in dollar values.
@neerajt4 download and sell it...
I really like the concept and would like to try it out on a real codebase, but there's currently a large barrier to overcome, and I think others are going to run into this as well: it's hard for me to trust a random startup and give access to the source code of my private repos. Plus, I can't try out the product without entering credit card information. There are a few ways this can be improved: - Start by integrating manually with a few good companies and use them as case studies / testimonials to gain credibility. - When granting permissions to my github account, allow me to choose which repos I'm giving permission to (if this is possible with Github API) and improve the language on your site to let the user know that this is possible. - Find other ways to let people easily try out the product. Having a demo for your own codebase is a good start, but since I can't see the source code, I can't evaluate how well it's working. Why not allow me to try it on a public repo or provide demos of some popular open-source projects? Apart from that, this product looks really interesting and the problem it's addressing resonates with a few companies I've been involved with. Great job founders & team!
@miklern thanks for the thoughts. Github can let you restrict at the organization level but not beyond that - I did try this and agree it would be best. Security wise, having less access is so much better. We do have a bounty program for security so invite white hats to point out holes - this has really been good to lock it down. We hope as we gain acceptance we won't be thought of as 'a random startup'. Both Brian and I have a track record so we are naturally starting with our friends in the bay area as customers. Some of them with big names so we hope that will help. There is also a possibility for a hosted version when we get to true enterprise scale (think AWS image you run in your VPC). We were not ready to be hunted just yet - although we totally embrace it. January was customer discovery, February and March were launching and tweaking and we have been customer focused since (paying ones first). So although I agree the credit card is a barrier, for us this is a good thing as we are solving the problems for customers with the most pain first (pain measured by their willingness to pay now). I can also imagine a free tier or more example projects but we are not ready for that yet.
great product for tech companies all size, particularly non-tech founders who are using external resources for development. Could be useful for larger teams as well. Some @UnshackledUs applicants will be using this!