Financing when you need it, everywhere Visa is accepted.

Hi everyone! Blispay was created with two goals in mind; to help small businesses sell more and to help consumers buy what they want with more financial flexibility. To do so, we created Blispay Point of Sale Financing ( and the Blispay Visa card ( We're a fintech startup based in Baltimore, MD. Much of our team including the Founder & CEO spent a big chunk of our careers at PayPal and Bill Me Later before they acquired BML. A lot of us worked on what’s now called PayPal Credit. Several folks worked at MBNA for a while before that and others have spent time at Zynga, Millennial Media, Microsoft, etc. We’re a pretty experienced team. Blispay Point of Sale Financing is the easiest and most cost effective product available to merchants who want to offer financing to their customers. If a business can accept Visa credit cards today then they can promote and accept Blispay for no additional costs and without any technical integration. The best part is that it works online and offline (in-store) whereas some other point of sale startups today really only work well online. All a store has to do is put up a sign driving shoppers to apply from the privacy of their own phone. If approved, in most cases we’ll instantly issue a digital Blispay Visa card that they can use to finance their purchase on the spot (we’ll also ship a plastic to use later, hopefully as the everyday card). The Blispay Visa card gives special financing on all purchases over $199 AND 2% Cash Back on all purchases. Consumers no longer need to have a Best Buy card for financing an electronics purchase, a CareCredit card for healthcare purchases, and a cash back card for general purpose spend. We wrote more about our goals, funding, and team on Medium at We’re happy about the success we’ve seen to date but have lots of improvements to make and cool stuff to build so we’re hiring: visit or email We love talking with small businesses about how we can work together. Please refer any business owners who may be interested to or email
Love the concept. I work in the space and can tell that Blispay's card benefits trump pretty much all of the incumbents.
@hameto_ Thanks. Appreciate it. The response from folks who have been in the credit card space for a long time has been pretty unanimous regarding the benefits. But we also like to stress that we're here to build tools for small businesses (well, of any size) but our focus with the current iteration of Blispay Point of Sale Financing was on the millions of smaller B2C businesses who want to offer financing to their customers, both online and/or offline. We know the market is underserved... from healthcare practices to auto parts & service (2 markets pretty much dominated by Synchrony Financial) to one of our partner merchants who is seeing great success selling high end patio furniture (primarily served by offerings like a Wells Fargo credit card program). Many businesses who already offer these products are really excited when we talk to them about Blispay because they're either unhappy with their current offering OR they see the benefit in offering Blispay alongside their current financing program (since ours is generally cheaper for them, it increases their overall margins when offering both). We published a post about how average orders when paying with Blispay were 51% higher than all other orders for a furniture store who partnered with us early:
Great team, great product.