Blisk Browser

A Chromium-based browser for Web developers

#4 Product of the WeekJuly 05, 2016

Blisk is the browser that every web developer needs. Blisk is a Chromium-based browser that enables features that your regular browser cannot. You can see how your website or application work on different display resolution, you can prototype, test your product and get notified if there is a bug to fix.

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Dear Product Hunters, Blisk is a browser designed specifically for web development. Unlike other browsers, Blisk was created to build the web. This browser enables to build your website on desktop and mobile simultaneously. It has set of preinstalled phones and tablets with specific screen resolution, pixel ratio, user agent and touch event support. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and even scroll position. Page auto-refresh feature enables to refresh pages automatically every time you modify the code. Developer tools now are available for both mobile and desktop simultaneously. Blisk is used in all phases of web development: prototyping, development, testing and bug fixing. Today we are releasing OS X version and update Windows version with new features: changing device orientation, switching devices on/off in one click, auto-refresh delay, device zoom, Flash support. In the last month, we received more than 500 feature requests. We would like to hear more thoughts on the future of Blisk and what should be done next. In case of any questions - we are monitoring this page, always open for any communication. Or drop us a line to
Cheers! Blisk team
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@nikitabakirov @blisk Hi Nikita - Blisk looks really interesting... downloading it now! Do you guys have any way for developers to build extensions? I'm co-founder of ScreenLab ( and we're currently working on ways to build the ability to run our simulated eye tracking scans into browsers. Looking at blisk I think your users could find our scans really useful. We recently launched our API so its fairly straightforward to create integrations with our scanner. I'd love to talk to you about how we might be able to integrate ScreenLab into Blisk.
@nikitabakirov @blisk Should have waited for the download to finish before asking my question! Looks like Blisk will support standard Chrome Extensions?
@timscole @blisk Hi Tim! Thanks a lot! As far as Blisk is built on top of chromium you can install any extension either from chrome store or from local unpacked extension from file system. Having a look at ScreenLab: looks nice! Great job guys!
@timscole @blisk Exactly! feel free to reach me at twitter and ask any questions any time
@nikitabakirov @blisk Thats cool - we already have a functionally complete Chrome Extension - just polishing the UX before release. I'll test it in Blisk later, but I guess it should all work.
What are the benefits over a "regular" install of Google Chrome (or Chromium) setup for development ? I can already render pages as on different devices (for side-by-side view I just open multiple windows and synchronized scrolling and navigation isn't something I ever needed to use), I use webpack for hot page reloading (while others I know use JetBrains WebStorm) and I have never faced any hassles taking screenshots or video captures (for which I have OS-level tools). I've seen both Sentry and Google Analytics used for automatic exception tracking (on any browser) and I know Sentry has GitHub issues integration. Chrome is already "friends with my favorite tools and services" - most of the tools whose logos where shown already have chrome extensions. I can save my screenshots, reports, etc to a shared DropBox folder if I wanted them accessible from anywhere. The promo video seems a bit vague. I wish I could install it and see for myself but I can't as I'm on Linux. It would be nice if you can shed some light on what the value created by Blisk is over the vanilla upstream browser. PS: Apologies if my tone sounds unintentionally attacking or rude. I'm simply intrigued by the product and interested in knowing how it can benefit my development setup.
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@gautham_thyagarajan Hi Gautham! Thanks for your feedback! We are always open for different thoughts and ideas. It does not matter are they positive or not. That's true - you can download and install everything yourself. But we want to make developers' life easier and faster. We want give them someting they can take and start being 200% more productive right now and right here. The Blisk version we have right now is only the begging. I wish you could try Blisk and share with us your user experience. Please reach us at
There’s a Chrome extension that does pretty much the same: It even displays multiple device views side-by-side. Why did you guys built a whole browser thing for that?
@chikuyonok Hi Sergey! Thank you for your feedback! Does Emmet know how to: - specify the UA string for requests - set the device resolution and pixel ratio - enable touch emulation - emulate mobile scrollbar overlays and meta viewport - autosize text for pages without a defined viewport - refresh pages on sources change ? These any many more upcoming features cannot be done with just an extension
@nikitabakirov – yes, it overrides UA for all HTTP requests and navigator.userAgent JS value as well – yes, it’s possible although a bit useless on average screens since they can’t display content at higher resolutions. Only upscale viewport like common emulators does, which is also possible via extension – it’s possible to emulate touch events, which means translate mouse events into touch ones. Which, it turn, seems useless for desktops with mice and without touch. Any use cases? Anyway, it’s still possible. – Re:view emulates meta viewport already, but not overlay scrollbars. Instead it enlarges viewport with the size of scrollbar. I agree it’s not the same but works pretty fine now. – I guess you’re talking about text-size-adjust CSS property which works in mobile browsers only? Do you support it with the same algorithms as in Android/WinPhone/iOS/etc? – yes, with third-party tools/browsersync/livereload that web-developers already use. And with Chrome Workspace feature
@chikuyonok A lot of possible things and third-party tools but still this is not available in Emmet :) We believe that people are eager to use products but not single-feature tools
@nikitabakirov most of the things you’ve described are already available in Re:view. All the others are not and I didn’t received any feature request on them. So it seems like they are not so important for users ;)
@chikuyonok I don't think we should judge each other. Let the users be our judges. Wish you good luck in your business!
Can't wait until this works on Linux, awesome job!
@bcallaars Hi Joseph! Can I ask you to go to website and vote for this feature then? You can find smiling face icon to the right on landing page. This is our feedback forum where we collect bugs, ideas and vote for them. It influences a lot our backlog so you can push the process a bit :)
Cool! Downloaded it, expect a full review soon!
@ahmed_fahad_ Awesome! Thanks a lot!