Make your own GIF keyboard

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We're excited to bring "Blippy - Make your own GIF keyboard" to the world. We've been working on new ways to use GIFs in communication for well over a year and even had some early prototypes of previous iterations out in the wild. But the new custom keyboards of iOS 8 really provide a great new way to deliver the product experience we've always envisioned for Blippy. There looks like there's going to be a lot of innovation around iOS keyboards. Here's how we think about the unique focus of Blippy: + Blippy is a tool to help you make your own GIF keyboard. + The Blippy keyboard extension is focused on the utility of using your collected GIFs + The Blippy iOS Application is focused on the utility of discovering, searching, and uploading GIFs to your custom keyboard We've had an outstanding response from our beta users and we're looking forward at getting this in the hands of a broader audience today. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions about Blippy!
Congrats on the launch, @deekay. Another app to add to the Rad GIF Apps collection. :)
@rrhoover Woot! Super excited to get this into Product Hunters hands - I feel the emoji/GIF love here every day when I visit PH! :)
Congratulations @deekay on Blippy! It's great to see it come so far since the early version you showed me!
@loh Thanks, Elliot! Love that you've been playing with it for so long. Our early beta users really helped shape what we're building!
I tested previous versions of the app. What I dig about what @deekay & his team are doing is that they keep making it easier to use gifs.
@andrewwarner Thanks, Andrew! Appreciate the enthusiasm... wasn't just the scotch talking, eh? ;)
Congrats! When can we get something for Android :) ;)
@anarghya503 we love Android, too! figuring it out now - lots of tricky problems with various SMS clients for rendering GIFs consistently