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Fun and simple! But it does sort of remind me of "the Intersect" from the show Chuck... Maybe I'll get special mental powers from Blinkset ;)
Thank you Kate! Hello Everyone – We’re REALLY EXCITED to be on Product Hunt and hope you take some time to check out Blinkset!! With Blinkset you can Blink through Trending Feeds from the biggest names in News, Fashion, Sports and Tech. You can also use Blinkset to view your Pinterest Boards and Instagram friends and even search for products on Amazon and Etsy! Blinksets can be shared – Here’s a link to view what’s new on Product Hunt Tech without logging in: Some quick tips: HOLD DOWN the green button to go fast. Slide the green button right to go FASTER! Tap the image for more details. Once you log in, have a look around and let us know what you think! And be sure to check your profile, you can see your Blink Score and adjust your Blink Speed.
@mjnewman Cool idea, it's true that we are used to scroll pretty fast from our social network, and news and such. We are used to quickly choose if something is worth your time or not (e.i : Tinder). But what are your plans, do you intend to enable users to create their own Blinksets, or at least use their own social networks for Trending Feeds ?
@tsunaze @mjnewman Thanks!! It's wild - During early focus groups people initially thought the images were too fast, but as soon as they recognized the indicator/position ring, they hit that OH COOL moment and the sense of control would set in. We find at that point, people actually want to go faster! After that realization we added the multiple speed options in the profile, and also the ability to set your Blink Direction – Where you set if tapping the green button moves forward or reverse. We've got a lot of functionality in queue, and both creating Blinksets and custom Trending Feeds are high on the list and in development. We're also in the process of partnering with content providers to embed Blinksets on their websites – We think it's great for galleries, lists and product searches! We just launched, so there's a lot of work to do – I'm currently our only developer. But we're moving fast and looking for investors and advisors! Thumb on the green button and fingers crossed!!
Cool! Makes me think I'm superhuman blink reading full books and articles. Signing up now. Good luck guys!
@moravtchik Thank you!! Would love to get your thoughts! Once you're logged in, in your Profile you can adjust your Blink Speed to be faster or slower.
I woke up to discover that we're on Product Hunt - WOOOHOOO! We've got a ton of great content on Blinkset - please check us out! Recently, we've been working on Top 50 of 2015 lists - so far, we've got 4 (fashion buys, tech gadgets, sports moments, and albums). Here are Tech and Fashion: Please let us know what Top 50 lists you would like for us to make and we'll get to work on them! Also, if there's any content (seriously, ANY content) that you think we should add, tell us and we'll get working on that too!
This is really cool. Hope it works great for you guys. Waiting for native Android & iOS Apps :)
@tsunaze Thank you! What are your thoughts on native Android/iOS Apps for something like Blinkset versus staying "web only"? Is the native App a must have? I've been on the fence since our functionality works really well as a mobile responsive experience. Obviously it's huge to have the install and icon on a user's device, but by choosing "Add to Home Screen" you're getting the benefit of the install (App icon on the device) without the bloat. Thoughts/opinions? Would love to hear from others as well! I'm personally suffering from "App Fatigue and Overload"!
@mjnewman @tsunaze This is because i'm a mobile developer, that's why haha. I always think mobile
@tsunaze I think we're definitely going in that direction very soon. I'll keep you posted and might have some questions for you :)