Simple app to remind you to take breaks

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I think i need an app to remind me to work.
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Something I am very bad at doing....taking regular mini-breaks from staring at the screen
Same here! @bentossell and I are two workaholic peas in a pod... I desperately need to be taking breaks, but I tend get really into what I'm doing, so this little pop-up would be an awesome visual reminder. Simple, but fixes a real problem!
I've been wanting to do this, but most of the apps are subscription based and expensive. Nice to see a simple solution that's affordable.
@scottwyden Thanks, even free ones were not what i wanted, so i had to build it myself and i'm glad I'm not the only one that likes it.
Very cute! I need this as my eyes start to hurt by the end of the day from staring at my screen for so long.
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