Bike lights with turn signals, brake light & laser perimeter

Blinkers is a new lighting system that makes the urban cyclist more visible, more predictable and more respected. It’s not about making them more powerful, but about adding a set of extra safety functionalities, including turning indicators, a brake light and a laser projection.

We launched in November 2017 and +2000 cyclists are using Blinkers!

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Javier Bilbao
2018: Cycle from Zurich to Accra
What's up Product Hunters! It's Javier here, from Blinkers! We built Blinkers because cyclists are the most vulnerable users of the road: two wheels to balance, no chassis to protect us and no devices to communicate with other vehicles. And as cyclists, we find ourselves in many risky situations while riding in the city: other vehicles don’t respect our space, or don’t understand our intentions, and we feel it’s unfair that cyclists are not seen as a natural part of the road. Let us know what you think about Blinkers. Would you put it on your bicycle?! Why yes/no? What do you like most about it? Feedback is more than welcome ;)
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@velohub_ch Sounds fantastic! I would definitely give it a try
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Krijn SoetemanJournalist, Science, Things like that

I joined the kickstarter because bikes are the only way to make and keep our cities liveable. Living in Amsterdam means most cars (the drivers) know about bikes, but in many places in the world you could really use the extra indicators as cars don't care about bikes at all.

I didn t know about the automated break light, but that's a real cool feature as well.

The lights are very sturdy, excellent build. I would only like to see a stronger front mount for beater bikes like mine (city bikes, bikes you put down everywhere, etc. )

But that's perhaps only a Dutch thing ;)


A LOT of light. And the automatic break light in the rear light. Very good option. The turning indicators are really helpful when it rains.


The front holder might need a little extra fortification for cities like Amsterdam

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Since I bought my blinkers I am never afraid of riding in the dark. It is a great safety device so that I can be seen by cars.

Outsanding Price/Quality ratio.


Amazing product, great quality



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Charles Magnuson
Professional Consumer
I would absolutely love to see a version of this product for people who ride electric skateboards like the Boosted Board.
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Nothing more to say about this cool thing


Innovation! Unique product on the market


- none -

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