Make remote working, less remote for frontline & key workers

Blink brings together everything your teams need to communicate in one simple and beautiful app: personalized news feed, secure chat, people directory, content hub, pages, and much more.
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@geeklondon super exciting, especially relevant in the current climate! Great to see companies building software for people who are often forgotten by startups. 💪
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Hey PH, My name is Sean and I am the co-founder of Blink. Blink is designed for frontline workers; nurses, transit workers, cleaners, who don’t have a workplace email address or company device. It’s an all-in-one comms app, with News Feed, Chat, Content Hub, so different types of communication can be separate, but together. 💻 However, we do also have around 60 remote/desk-based teams using the app today, so I thought it would be worth sharing with the PH community, to see what you think! Be gentle 😉 📈 Before Blink, I was a co-founder of Tomorrow Communications which grew from inception to 200 people and $30m in revenue. We had a 95% remote workforce, so we built internal tools for creating a strong culture. This was back in the 2000s! That’s where Blink started. 😱 Today, 50% of the workforce are frontline and key workers without a workplace email address, disconnected in many ways. Too often they suffer from low morale. They don’t have the cool apps that we have to connect with colleagues, build culture, or get the latest information. They rely on paper notice boards, newsletters, forms, etc. ✊We started Blink to enable companies to empower and equip their frontline in a much easier way. With information at their fingertips, but also to give them a voice in improving day-to-day operations. 🔝In the last year we’ve been working away with early customers and Blink has already been adopted by 60,000 people across 114 companies. Today we’re announcing what we’ve been up to! 📊 Early signs are positive; in our frontline customers so far, we have seen examples of staff turnover reduced by 26% and doubled rates of employee satisfaction. 🦠Of course, the Covid-19 crisis has underlined the critical role that frontline and key workers play in our society. Every worker deserves instant access to the latest information around staying safe, a voice for feeding back to management, and the capability to support their peers on the frontline. With Blink you will get: 1️⃣News Feed: This allows important information to rise about the noise. 2️⃣Group Chat: You all know what that is! 3️⃣Company Directory: Also fairly obvious! 😉 4️⃣Content Hub: This is where you can publish Pages (created via a CMS), files, shortcuts, digital forms (integrates with Google Forms, Survey Monkey etc.), all organized via a menu/folder system. For Enterprise customers, they can SSO into web apps from here, and create ‘micro-apps’ (more on that another time!). The News Feed and Content Hub are personalized, via assigning people/content to ‘Teams’. 👉Our offer for PH community today is our free 14-Day Trial with no CC required and a 100-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind or don’t like it! 👁Even though our main focus has been on the frontline, we have teams that use Blink daily for comms, so we would love for you to give it a try. It’s early days, so there is a lot we’re working to improve!! Let us know what you think. Visit to try it for free 📱💻🖥 If you have any questions, feel free to comment. We will be here all day long! 👋 Sean
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