Immersive travel guide, like Tinder but for places


Blink is an immersive travel guide in your pocket.

It helps you find the best attractions and experiences in a totally visual and fun way. Instead of getting lost on the net you find all the inspiration ready, so you can focus on choosing your next memorable moments.

World is too big and beautiful to waste time searching on the net.

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Michele Pierangeli
Daniele Gallingani
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  • Ian
    IanApp tester, Product tester, Gamer

    Beautiful design, easy to use features, very inclusive!


    limited cities upon initial release!

    I absolutely love Blink! It works very well and includes lots of great features. My favorite thing about the app is the map and the guide feature, it's amazing to see what people have planned for you and what places they suggest you should go to next!

    Ian has used this product for one week.
  • Michele Pierangeli
    Michele PierangeliCo-Founder & Product Manager

    Easy and fun to use, beautiful design and great content


    you have to be a traveler to really enjoy it need content all over the world

    I'm one of the beta users and I saw the improvements of the projects I think that the could easily get acquired by google local ! :D

    Michele Pierangeli has used this product for one month.