Immersive travel guide, like Tinder but for places

Blink is an immersive travel guide in your pocket.

It helps you find the best attractions and experiences in a totally visual and fun way. Instead of getting lost on the net you find all the inspiration ready, so you can focus on choosing your next memorable moments.

World is too big and beautiful to waste time searching on the net.

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πŸ‘‹ Hello Product Hunters! :) This is my first time as a maker on Product Hunt, and I'm so excited to share our work with passionate makers and hunters like you. Blink is an immersive travel guide, like Tinder but for places. It helps you find the best attractions and experiences for your journey, in a visual and playful way. πŸ“– Story I'm a designer from Italy and during the last year after changing my weekly routine and taking new routes I started to challenge myself and friends with a question: Do we know what's around us? Going deep, talking to many people, I realized that many of us don't have a deep connection with the places we live. I grew a passion for helping people find hidden places and discover new experiences in the areas they live or travel to. I decided to challenge the idea of travel guide and make it fun and easy to use for everyone. No more getting lost searching on the web and between blogs, or reading outdated traditional guides! I designed a unique editorial model that considers different angles to match the intrinsic characteristics of places with the user needs. On top of that, I strived to build the more slim and immersive UI I could to make the discovery experience exciting and fun. πŸ‘‰ Features One finger discovery βœ… Blink is a magical one finger visual discovery of attractions, food, and experiences. It helps you find the best inspiration and have fun while planning your trip. Guides βœ… Blink includes Guides about typical food, districts, art and local icons. Each guide has its specific suggestion: for example, a typical food guide features the best restaurant for it. Itineraries βœ… Step by step guided itineraries with detailed information for each attraction, time schedules, transportation info, and map. πŸ’° Revenue Blink has a freemium model, while all features are always accessible, some Itineraries are Premium content. We have exciting plans for the future to build models on other parts of the traveler customer journey. πŸ– Design Real paper + Sketch as main design tools. Interviews and surveys for customer research. Prototyping with Invision first, then the first functional web prototyping built with node.js, jade, CSS, jquery + Parse Server. Itinerary feature was first prototyped using Framer.js ( proto here: ) πŸ›  Making I built the App with Swift and iterated on the iOS version up to now. The web app runs on Node js, built with Express.js, Pug, CSS, Jquery. I've written the backend using Parse Server, MongoDB, Redis server-side for the cache. Android is in beta catching up written by a friend and colleague. This is a medium post for more details about our making journey. πŸš€ Now Blink is available in NewYork, Rome, Paris, London, San Francisco Bay, Sicily, and other fantastic new areas of the world are coming every month. More than 5k+ travelers used the iOS beta and rated us 4.8/5. Blink is available also for Android (now, in beta) and as a website for any Desktop users. πŸ’Œ For you We designed with the idea to make your life better with the places of your present and the future. This is a special coupon for you Hunters: "PRODUCTHUNT". You can unlock five premium content for free with it, for your next trips, to use whenever you want! Thank you for any feedback and question! We are here to share more about our πŸ‘Ά baby first steps with you!
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Great work! Awesome design, usability and user experience!! :D
@serradino Thank you so much for your love Mic! We're so excited to see our hard work getting positive feedbacks.
Personal pet peeve: the "on steroids" meme. πŸ˜‚ Otherwise, nice job on the design. Looks polished.
@rrhoover Do you think it fits better "Immersive travel guide, tinder for places" ? Thanks for the feedback on design, been working hard on it, appreciate it!

I'm one of the beta users and I saw the improvements of the projects I think that the could easily get acquired by google local ! :D


Easy and fun to use, beautiful design and great content


you have to be a traveler to really enjoy it need content all over the world

I absolutely love Blink! It works very well and includes lots of great features. My favorite thing about the app is the map and the guide feature, it's amazing to see what people have planned for you and what places they suggest you should go to next!


Beautiful design, easy to use features, very inclusive!


limited cities upon initial release!