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Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! We're really excited to share Blink with everyone here. We built Blink to be the fastest/most fun way to share your context ( screenshots, texts, memes etc ) of whats on your screen right now. You won't find arrows/boxes or more standard annotation tools for PM's that you find in tools like Skitch, but you will find other features that help preserve context (hotlink blink & selective highlight/crop) and make sharing ad-hoc screenshots faster (blink instant) and more fun (scalable emojis). If you're interested in more of the thinking went into building Blink, you can read more here: I'll be here all day to answer any and all questions you might have.
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The mobile successor to Skitch? "Almost 40% of people are visual thinkers. These people perceive information in the form of images better than any other medium. Blink is our answer to add more context to visual communication on mobile starting out by giving superpowers to your screenshots."
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I find myself constantly communicating using mobile screenshots. Since I put my hands on Blink while in beta, I can't go back to the old 4-5 clicks. For me it just feels more natural to communicate with visuals.
@enadav Before Blink my work flow for sharing screenshots was... just felt like the horse and buggy times to be honest. Speed is just less stress with blink.
I've always wondered how people make these memes!
@nivo0o0 screenshot -> crop -> meme is a fav...more meme super powers coming soon ;)
Super concept. Waiting for Android version.
@keyul thanks! Android version coming before the end of the year.